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Samaritan Medical Center

Boards of Trustees

Samaritan Medical Center and each of its affiliates is governed by separate Boards of Trustees. As a not-for-profit healthcare institution, these volunteer Boards establish the overall vision and strategy for the organizations’ future growth.

  • Samaritan Medical Center Close

    Jan Turcotte, MD – Chair
    Thomas Carman – President and CEO
    Bernard Brown – Vice Chair
    Denise Young – Secretary
    Alfred Calligaris – Finance Committee Chair
    Paul Kraeger – Treasurer
    Melanie Parker‐Geurtsen – Immediate Past Chair
    John Barrett, M.D.
    Paul Barton
    COL Brandon Bowline
    Christine Cisco
    Berline Dodard
    Daphne Henri‐Foley
    Leo Gosselin, M.D.
    Shahandeh Haghir, M.D.
    Marie Hess
    Kimberly (KI ) LaClair
    Al Maloney, M.D.
    Mary Perrine
    Thomas Piche
    Sam Purington
    Catherine Quencer
    David Rechlin, D.O.
    Dierdra Sorrell
    Stephen Todd
    Katy Troester‐Trate
    Addison Vars III
    Joan Treadwell‐Woods
    Mary Wardwell‐Donahue

  • Samaritan Summit Village and Samaritan Keep Home Close

    Addison Vars III – Chair
    Thomas Carman – President and CEO
    Samuel Purington – Vice Chair
    Laurel Pike – Secretary
    Paul Kraeger – Treasurer
    Robert Baranello, VP Post‐Acute Care Services
    Beverly Brown
    Carolyn Fitzpatrick
    Jordan Jones
    Marcie Marcolini
    Polly Matarese
    Carole McCoy
    Carl McLaughlin
    Barry Ormsby
    Scott Slater
    Joan Treadwell‐Woods
    Jan Turcotte, M.D.
    Tracy Valentine
    Daniel Villa
    Peter Walton
    Mary Wardwell‐Donahue

  • Samaritan Medical Center Foundation of Northern New York, Inc. Close

    KI LaClair – Chair
    Thomas Carman – President & CEO
    Dana Keefer – Vice Chair
    Pam Beyor Murtha – 2nd Vice Chair
    Nancy Martel – Secretary
    John Wheeler – Treasurer
    Steven Pierce – Immediate Past Chair
    Elizabeth Fipps, VP, Foundation and Community Services
    David Adsit
    Darrel Aubertine
    Franklin Cean
    Brian Fraser
    Alec Johnson
    Corry Lawler
    Maja Lundborg‐Gray
    Maureen Lundy‐Way
    Peter Pike
    John Poggi, M.D.
    Joanne Rhode
    Catherine Quencer
    M. Andrew Short
    Patricia Tague
    Joan Treadwell Woods
    Jan Turcotte, M.D.
    David VanEenenaam, M.D.
    Addison Vars, III
    Mary Wardwell‐Donahue
    Barbara Webber
    Lisa Weber
    Michael Yonkovig

  • Samaritan Auxiliary Close

    Berline Dodard – President
    Shawna Cutuli – Vice President
    Maryann Rondon – Treasurer
    Christine Cisco – Immediate Past President
    Linda Buker
    Irene Carman
    Barb Fargo
    Kathryn Ann Kolton
    Marcie Marcolini
    Tammie Miller
    Kristyna Mills
    Elizabeth Netto
    Joanne Rhode
    Melissa Schmitt

  • Samaritan Home Health Close

    Thomas Carman – President & CEO
    Paul Kraeger – Treasurer
    Melanie Parker‐Geurtsen
    Robert Baranello, VP Post‐Acute Care Services
    Nicole Davis, Administrator