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Surgical Care

At Samaritan Medical Center, our team provides a full range of advanced surgical and outpatient care and has been recognized nationally and regionally for their commitment to the quality of surgical care they deliver.

Highly skilled surgeons, nurses, technicians and support staff perform traditional open surgeries, laproscopic procedures and advanced robotic surgery. If the need for an operation arises, your care team will discuss all of the options available to you and help select the method with the best possible outcomes for your unique circumstances.

Samaritan offers some of the most advanced surgical tools in the area, such as the da Vinci® Surgical Robotics System. The da Vinci technology enables surgeons to perform complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions with unmatched precision. This means significantly less pain, less scarring, a shorter hospital stay and a faster return to normal daily activities.

During a surgical procedure at the Samaritan Surgical Care Center, family members can use our SmarTrac system to track the progress of their loved one throughout the surgical procedure. The system provides step by step updates on where the patient is and when visitors are allowed to see the patient.

If you have further questions about Samaritan’s Surgical Care Center, please call us 315-785-4386.

Surgical specialties

We are committed to surgical excellence, dedicated to providing advanced healthcare and offering the convenience and experience you want and expect. We are fortunate to have many surgical specialties and we continue to grow.

Preparing for surgery

Planning ahead for your surgery or procedure at Samaritan Medical Center and knowing what to anticipate will help you feel more confident and comfortable when you are here – we understand that any surgery or procedure can be intimidating, and we want to help you be as prepared as possible.

The information below will be helpful to understanding some of the terms you may hear during your surgery or procedure.

Pre-Admission Testing (PAT)


Post-surgery care

Samaritan Medical Center’s surgical team is committed to providing you with exceptional care while here, and we want to provide the best information to assist you in a speedy recovery, which is more successful if patients and their caregivers are aware of what they need to do once at home.

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