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Samaritan Summit Village

The Samaritan Summit Village provides multiple levels of support for the local senior population, including an entirely new level of care for the community – assisted living. For those who need some help with activities of daily living, but do not need continuous nursing care, assisted living offers independence and added privacy.

The facility has 120 assisted living beds and 168 nursing home beds, creating continuum of care for our community.

The continuum of care includes:

Assisted Living Program (ALP):

This program provides nursing care, home care, personal care and meals for residents that require services above and beyond what is typically provided while living in the community. The program may be an alternative to nursing home care.

Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR):

The enhanced assisted living program offers an advanced level of care to serve people who wish to remain in their residence, adding services as they develop age related difficulties. This is commonly referred to as “Aging in Place.”

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF):

A skilled nursing facility is a health care facility providing 24- hour nursing care as well as other services in a home-like environment.

  • Does my Long Term Care insurance cover care at the Samaritan Summit Village? Close

    Coverage depends on each individual policy. Please check with your financial advisor.

  • Does Medicaid cover what is left after Social Security? Close

    If you are Medicaid eligible and accepted, Medicaid will cover the costs for the 168 skilled beds and 80 of the Assisted Living beds. The 20 Enhanced Assisted Living and 20 of the Assisted Living beds are private pay only.

  • Do you offer daily rates? Close

    There are daily rates for private payers. Please call 315-782-6800 for more information.

  • How is the look and feel of Samaritan Summit Village? Close

    As part of the overall design, the Samaritan Summit Village will feature a home-like environment that is flexible. This will enable residents to easily transition from assisted living to nursing home care as they require a higher level of support. Throughout the design, the emphasis is on the residents. Services will be brought to them, rather than requiring residents go to the services – a design feature that improves efficiency and will give the staff more time to devote to the residents and their needs.

  • Highlights of the Summit Village Design: Close
    • Resident centered Care which places an emphasis upon the needs, habits, goals, likes and dislikes of the resident rather than the systematization of care to achieve maximum efficiency
    • Residential-style dining rooms for small groups of people versus a larger, institutional-type cafeteria setting
    • Use of softer materials, such as carpeting versus tiled floors; less glaring paint colors to help aging eyes see objects and surfaces better, and wood railings versus those made of hard plastic or metal
    • Flexible food service that is prepared on residents’ schedules and that fits different lifestyles
    • More abundant, but smaller “common rooms” that give residents areas for various activities such as reading, computer use, or conversation as opposed to one less intimate large common area
    • Resident privacy – the resident rooms are designed to maximize privacy
  • Do you have volunteer opportunities? Close

    If you are interested in making a difference in giving back to the residents of your community through volunteering at this new facility, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 315-782-7008.

If you are interested in applying for residency for yourself or a loved one learn more about our Admission Process

If you need further assistance please call us at 315-785-4404 or use our contact form.

Due to COVID-19, office hours may have changed and some locations are temporarily closed. Please contact us at the number below before visiting any Samaritan location.

Samaritan Summit Village

22691 Campus Drive

Watertown, NY 13601