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  As of Friday, September 1, 2023 – masks will be required for staff, patients, and visitors in Samaritan facilities until further notice.
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Care that’s as exceptional as you.

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At Samaritan, we believe our community deserves health services that are as exceptional as its people. Care that’s comprehensive and compassionate. Services that are cutting-edge and coordinated. And skilled doctors, nurses and caregivers who understand your needs and are dedicated to serving them.

Scroll down to learn about some of our community’s exceptional people and the services Samaritan provides them.


As Chief of the Town of Rutland Fire Department, Will Kalin knows all too well how it feels to be under pressure and responding to people in need. He provides emergency care for his community every day, while helping to train firefighters at the local level and leading a team of dedicated like-minded individuals. Will looks to Samaritan to keep him healthy and cared for, because he deserves healthcare that empathizes, and goes the extra mile—even through the unexpected. Samaritan is humbled to care for Will, because he is more than our patient. He’s our neighbor, our friend, and a member of our family. And he is exceptional.

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Betty Boulter moved into Assisted Living at Samaritan Summit Village in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. She admits it was stressful at first, leaving the comforts of her home and easy family interaction, but the 89-year-old Watertown native has found a new place to call home and people who care for her at Summit Village. Betty loves her family dearly, and proudly displays their photos on the walls in her new apartment – and she’ll tell you that the caregivers at Summit Village are new members of her family. She cares for them as they care for her. They make each other laugh and provide friendship when it is needed most. Betty is exceptional, and she feels the care and compassion she receives at Samaritan is too.

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Erin Wiley, a beloved science teacher at South Jefferson Middle and High School, and her therapy dog, Buddy, are familiar faces in the North Country community. And, as the mother of two adventurous and daring sons, she is sometimes a familiar face in the Emergency Department at Samaritan Medical Center. When accidents happen, Erin and her family rely on immediate care from a trusted group of nurses, doctors, and people who care about them. They deserve care that listens and care that understands — even through the unexpected. Because to Samaritan, you’re more than our patient, you’re our neighbor, our friend, and our family.

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Shawna Cutuli knows what it means to be rooted in the community. Born and raised here in Watertown and an employee of the local YMCA, Shawna has nurtured the physical well-being of many of our community members and their children. From coaching gymnastics to managing the agency’s facilities, Shawna is critical to the mission of the YMCA and her community. She values Samaritan and has been active on the Samaritan Auxiliary Board, volunteering her time for several years. Samaritan is proud to care for exceptional people like Shawna — providing routine services like bone scans and numerous specialized services. We are here to serve, and are fortunate to have people like Shawna serve for us.

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Tell us about your care.

Have you received exceptional care at Samaritan like Will, Erin, Betty or Shawna? We would like to hear about your experience, and there are a few ways you can share your story with us.

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Meet Some of our Exceptional Caregivers

Our skilled doctors, nurses and caregivers understand your needs and are dedicated to serving them.


Meet Sandy Baril, one of the caregivers at Samaritan Summit Village, a skilled nursing home facility. Sandy helps provide exceptional care to residents of Summit Village. She is passionate about her relationships with residents and very proud of her team.

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Meet Kelly Murtha, one of the caregivers at Samaritan Medical Center. Kelly has worked in the Food Service Department for the better part of a decade, and she takes pride in the services she provides patients. One of her favorite things about her job is delivering a morning coffee to her patients and starting their day out on a positive note.

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Meet Raymond Hirst, a Training Analyst in the Registration Department of Samaritan Medical Center. Raymond enjoys being one of the first faces that patients see as they enter the hospital and helps guide them through their appointments. He’s proud of the support Samaritan offers its community.

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Dr. Barrett

Meet Dr. John Barrett, one of the caregivers at Samaritan Medical Center who helps provide exceptional care to our patients. Dr. Barrett is proud of the outcomes our maternity service delivers to patients in the local area, including military patients from Fort Drum.

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Meet Nicole Simmons, a 30-year veteran employee at Samaritan Medical Center. Nicole currently works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), caring for our hospital’s smallest patients. She has lived in the North Country her whole life, and she is proud to provide high-quality care to her family, friends and neighbors.

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Meet Rose Busler, a 20-year veteran caregiver at Samaritan Keep Home skilled nursing facility. Rose is the Director of Recreation Therapy at “Sam Keep” and she loves bringing a smile to her residents’ faces. She treats all residents with dignity, respect and compassion, and strives to make them feel like they are at home.

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Meet Rachel Moore, an 18-year employee of Samaritan Medical Center. Rachel, an LPN, provides exceptional care to our patients at Samaritan Dermatology. She is proud of the advanced Mohs Surgery we offer to skin cancer patients, and of her work at Samaritan’s COVID-19 testing site when it first opened.

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Meet Laura Ross, one of the many caregivers at Samaritan Medical Center. Laura is currently a Patient Care Assistant in the Emergency Department, and she has worked for Samaritan since 2006. Working in an area that routinely sees 40,000 patients per year, she takes pride in providing excellent care to everyone she meets.

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