Kinney Drugs and Kinney Drugs Foundation Make Investment to Improve Mental Health Services Across the Region

Picture shows Kinney Drugs representatives handing a 250,000 symbolic check to Samaritan Medical Center Foundation representants.

Watertown, NY – The Samaritan Medical Center Foundation of Northern New York is pleased to announce the generous support of Kinney Drugs and the Kinney Drugs Foundation in expanding mental health treatment services and physical space within Samaritan Medical Center. In recognition of this recent commitment of dollars, the adult inpatient mental health unit space will be named in honor of Kinney Drugs.

The inpatient mental health unit expects approval from the New York State (NYS) Office of Mental Health (OMH) to increase the bed count in the unit from 34 to 39 beds. The five additional rooms will be private, which is a significant need. The current physical space consists exclusively of double-occupant rooms. It often cannot be used for two patients due to aggression, infection control issues, and other reasons. The unit is typically full, and with the increase in mental health crises, patients go to the emergency department. Fifty percent of the adults who visit the emergency department in a psychiatric crisis will need a stabilization inpatient stay within this unit.

Kinney Drugs and its Foundation remain among Samaritan’s top donors, supporters, and partners. Over the years, the organization has supported Samaritan and quality healthcare in the Northern New York region in many ways. They are dedicated to the pediatric patient population and have donated needed funds in multiple departments within the Car-Freshner Center Women & Children, including the Level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), the play area on the pediatric inpatient unit, and a cesarean surgical suite in labor & delivery. In addition, Kinney is a steadfast partner and fundraiser for Samaritan’s Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) program.

In 1992, they became a CMN national partner, just two years after Samaritan became a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. All stores raise funds for CMN and locally across the Jefferson, St. Lawrence, and Lewis County areas. Their teams are highly engaged and passionate about CMN.

Kinney Drugs and the Kinney Drugs Foundation have repeatedly shown their commitment and support to Samaritan over decades. They have invested over one million dollars in continuing quality and compassionate healthcare at Samaritan.

The Kinney Drugs Foundation is the philanthropic arm of KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. with locations in 14 states, including its home state of New York. Since its inception in 2002, the Kinney Drugs Foundation has given more than $12 million to these communities, helping make positive changes in the lives of so many people. Information on the Foundation may be found at

Pictured here, from left, are Beth Fipps, VP of Foundation & Community Services, Samaritan Medical Center Foundation, and Thomas H. Carman, President and CEO, Samaritan Medical Center, with Dave Warner, President of the Kinney Drugs Foundation and EVP of KPH Healthcare Services, and Rich McNulty, SVP of Human Resources of KPH Healthcare Services.