February 2024 OWL Award Recipients

OWL Award winners February 2024.

Watertown, NY—Samaritan Keep Home and Samaritan Summit Village are pleased to announce the OWL award recipients for February 2024. The outstanding workers in long-term care (OWL) award recognizes exemplary staff who support the residents, their families, and the caregivers at our long-term care facilities.

Chandra Tolbert, fourth floor Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at the Keep Home, and Julianna Barber, third floor skilled nursing Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Summit Village, were nominated and selected as winners by a committee.

A co-worker nominated Tolbert, and an excerpt from the February OWL award nomination, read:

“Chandra has been an employee of SKH since 2018. She is dedicated, compassionate, and a team player. Chandra is loved by all her residents and knows them well. She monitors routines and puts smiles on the faces of the residents daily.”

A family member of a resident nominated Barber, and an excerpt the February OWL award nomination, read:

“Julianna is a breath of fresh air. She is always positive and smiling. It appears she loves her job. Not only does she know every patient’s name, but makes a point to remember all their guests, what they like and don’t like… Skilled nursing is very lucky to have a worker like Julianna. She is the best.”

For being recognized, the OWL recipients receive a certificate, special parking spot for a month, an owl pin, special banner recognition, badge buddy, and various treats.

The OWL award will continue to be presented at each Samaritan long term care facility throughout the year, and residents, families, or colleagues can submit nominations at any time. To nominate or learn more about the OWL award, visit www.samaritanhealth.com/daisy-bee.


About Samaritan Keep Home
The Samaritan Keep Home is a 272-bed long term care facility connected to the Samaritan Medical Center campus in Watertown. This residential care facility provides a full range of skilled nursing assistance, rehabilitative therapies, and social and recreational activities. Our mission is to provide an atmosphere that allows our residents to thrive and remain socially active in all aspects of their lives.

About Samaritan Summit Village
At Samaritan Summit Village – Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities – our team is committed to providing sophisticated senior living. Whether we’re assisting with daily chores or planning exciting group activities, we’re here to help make living easier The services needed by residents may vary widely, but the goal of our care is always the same: helping seniors to live exceptionally and age in place. With its amazing views, Samaritan Summitt Village overlooks Watertown, NY, and offers 120 assisted living beds, and 168 nursing home beds.

About The OWL Award
The owl is symbolic of intuition, protection, and wisdom. At Samaritan, we are all caregivers, including those who have committed to showing extraordinary compassionate care as a long term caregiver. We need each other to care for our community.

The OWL Award (Outstanding Workers in Long Term Care) was established in December 2023 and is awarded to a caregiver who has given their time and talent to the healthcare system and to our residents. The recipients have repeatedly gone above and beyond in their role to help our staff, and residents, to make our community thrive. They exemplify the HEART Values and take their role as a Samaritan Caregiver with pride.

The OWL Award complements our existing DAISY and BEE Awards for staff, and HIVE award for volunteers. Together we recognize the amazing caregivers of the Samaritan Health System and the culture we embrace.

Samaritan Keep Home Welcomes Residents from Clifton-Fine Hospital

Watertown, NY – On January 31, nine residents entered the Samaritan Keep Home, their new residence, for the first time. A reception team greeted the incoming residents, and their former caretakers from Clifton-Fine Hospital in Star Lake were on hand to ensure a safe and meaningful transition.

“This was a historic moment for our team of caregivers,” Patrick Calli, vice president of long-term care at Samaritan, said. “We know there may be mixed emotions, but we are thrilled they are here and hope they become familiar with their new home, our services, activities, and our staff.” 

The nine skilled nursing residents resided at Clifton-Fine Hospital as patients at the critical access hospital, with special permissions allowing the critical access to have long term care residents. With the hospital seeking a new Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) designation, they needed to find a new home for the patients. The new designation does not allow inpatients, swing beds, or long term care services. Clifton-Fine’s partner, Samaritan Medical Center, identified space in its high-rise facility for the residents who need continued quality care in the North Country. This space allows the cohort of residents to remain together while engaging with their new neighbors, many of whom have called the Samaritan Keep Home their home for several years. 

“We know that Samaritan Keep Home caregivers will provide high quality, personalized care for our inpatients who are making their new home in Watertown,” said Dierdra Sorrell, chief executive officer of Clifton-Fine Hospital. “We cannot thank the Samaritan team enough for doing this and easing the burden for families and our community during this transition.”

For the Star Lake community, the REH designation will bring expanded outpatient services while continuing emergency care necessary for the safety and well-being of residents and visitors of the Adirondack Mountains.