With Children’s Miracle Network of Northern New York, Samaritan provides life-saving services for local families

Picture shows kids and adults, Children's Miracle Network of NNY families, sitting at Samaritan's outside garden.

More than 40 years ago, Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals was founded with a simple goal in mind: Change Kids’ Health, Change the Future.

Within 170 children’s hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada, and with the help of more than $8.5 billion in donations, the initiative is helping member hospitals to locally fund what is needed most. From life-saving treatments and healthcare services to innovative research and financial assistance for patients in need, Children’s Miracle Network has ignited real change in the lives of children and families across the country—including right here in New York’s North Country.

Children’s Miracle Network of Northen New York 2024 Champion

Samaritan + Children’s Miracle Network

Samaritan Medical Center has served as the North Country’s official Children’s Miracle Network Hospital since 1990, striving to raise and allocate funds to improve the health and well-being of children in Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties.

“To be able to facilitate the work of Children’s Miracle Network right here in the North Country is a tremendous opportunity and point of pride,” says Samaritan President and CEO Tom Carman. “We’re here to care for our young community members, especially those in need of critical assistance. This partnership helps us do that.”

Children’s Miracle Network supports child-centered areas at Samaritan through the funding of capital projects and the purchase of critical pediatric equipment. Additionally, assistance is offered directly to families to alleviate the burden of out-of-pocket expenses related to their child’s serious medical condition, wherever their treatment takes place.   

Miracles in the making

Throughout its time as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Samaritan has come to the aid of children suffering from traumatic brain injury, blood cancers and rare diseases requiring complicated care.

“Without CMN, we would not have been able to pursue the best care possible for our child. Without their help, many children would not get the support they need to live their true best lives and we are so very thankful for them every day,” said a parent of Charlie McNitt who is under medical care for cerebral palsy.


Thanks to support from Children’s Miracle Network, covering everything from critical MRIs and medication to hospital transportation, when insurance doesn’t cover it, children and their families have found Samaritan to be a beacon of hope, helping them through very challenging situations. Oftentimes the sheer cost of travel to special pediatric care programs causes hardship for families and CMN is able to help with these expenses.

“Families depend on us to care for them, to care for their children,” says Angie VanWormer, director of Children’s Miracle Network of Northern New York (CMN of NNY). “Knowing we are helping children in need gives us a great sense of satisfaction, and shows Samaritan Caregivers and members of our community what teamwork can accomplish.”

Aid through Direct Family Assistance Program

Children’s Miracle Network families, 2023

Supported by the Children’s Miracle Network, Samaritan’s Direct Family Assistance Program provides financial assistance for expenses related to a child’s serious medical condition. This may include travel expenses, un-insured portions of medical and pharmaceutical bills, un-insured equipment, co-pays and out of pocket costs. To be eligible, children must reside in Jefferson, Lewis or St. Lawrence County. The age limit is 18 or up to 21 if the child is still a dependent or in college.

To learn more about Direct Family Assistance or to request an application, please call315-785-4053 or email cmninfo@shsny.com.

Other ways to help

Ongoing fundraising efforts to support local children through this organization include Samaritan’s Miracle Giving Wall, corporate partner campaigns, Radiothon, and Extra Life. There are many ways for community members, businesses and organizations to donate to the work of Samaritan and the Children’s Miracle Network.

To learn more about these or other initiatives at Samaritan and Children’s Miracle Network of Northern New York, visit https://samaritanhealth.com/about-samaritan-health/giving/childrens-miracle-network/.