January 2024 OWL Award Recipients

Watertown, NY – Samaritan Keep Home and Samaritan Summit Village are pleased to announce the OWL award recipients for January 2024, the first recipients of this new award. The outstanding workers in long term care (OWL) award recognizes exemplary staff who support the residents, their families, and the caregivers at our long term care facilities.

Diana Sharpe, fifth floor Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at the Keep Home, and Niah Perez, first floor skilled nursing unit clerk, at Summit Village, were nominated, and selected as winners by a committee.

A co-worker nominated Sharpe and an excerpt from the January OWL award nomination, read:

“Diana goes above and beyond for all our residents. She takes pride in the care she gives. She is so genuine and kind, not only towards our residents and their family members, but to our staff members as well. She orients our new CNAs and surpasses all expectations. She is one of the reasons why SKH has value to it.”

A director of nursing nominated Perez and an excerpt the January OWL award nomination, read:

“Niah’s main priority is residents overall care and experience. Her attention to detail is outstanding. Anytime you ask Niah for anything her answer is ‘I will get that done.’ She has a positive uplifting attitude that our residents love.”

For being recognized, the OWL recipients receive a certificate, special parking spot for a month, an owl pin, special banner recognition, badge buddy, and various treats.

The OWL award will continue to be presented at each Samaritan long term care facility throughout the year, and residents, families, or colleagues can submit nominations at any time. To nominate or learn more about the OWL award, visit www.samaritanhealth.com/daisy-bee.


About Samaritan Keep Home

The Samaritan Keep Home is a 272-bed long term care facility connected to the Samaritan Medical Center campus in Watertown. This residential care facility provides a full range of skilled nursing assistance, rehabilitative therapies, and social and recreational activities. Our mission is to provide an atmosphere that allows our residents to thrive and remain socially active in all aspects of their lives.

About Samaritan Summit Village

At Samaritan Summit Village – Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities – our team is committed to providing sophisticated senior living. Whether we’re assisting with daily chores or planning exciting group activities, we’re here to help make living easier, at a reasonable cost. The services needed by residents may vary widely, but the goal of our care is always the same: helping seniors to live exceptionally. With its amazing views, Samaritan Summitt Village overlooks Watertown, NY, and offers 120 assisted living beds, and 168 nursing home beds.

About The OWL Award

The owl is symbolic of intuition, protection, and wisdom. At Samaritan, we are all caregivers, including those who have committed to showing extraordinary compassionate care as a long term caregiver. We need each other to care for our community.

The OWL Award (Outstanding Workers in Long Term Care) was established in December 2023 and is awarded to a caregiver who has given their time and talent to the healthcare system and to our residents. The recipients have repeatedly gone above and beyond in their role to help our staff, and residents, to make our community thrive. They exemplify the HEART Values and take their role as a Samaritan Caregiver with pride.

The OWL Award complements our existing DAISY and BEE Awards for staff, and HIVE award for volunteers. Together we recognize the amazing caregivers of the Samaritan Health System and the culture we embrace.

Samaritan Summit Village to host Senior Living Seminar

Watertown, NY – Samaritan Summit Village, 22691 Campus Dr, is hosting a Senior Living Seminar on Wednesday, October 18, from 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. The half-day seminar is free and open to anyone planning or helping to plan senior care. This is not an open house style event, we ask attendees to arrive prior to 1 p.m. to experience the entire program.

Hear from professionals in senior care, legal matters, financial planning, real estate, and speak with local community agencies that offer resources. Lunch is provided by First Command, and a tour of the Assisted Living facility at Samaritan Summit Village will be available. Each participant will be entered to win an iPad as well! No obligations.

Finding the right solution for long term care needs is important. Seniors and their loved ones want the right mix of services and support to preserve independence, maintain safety, and enhance quality of life. The Senior Living Seminar will provide information and resources needed to help seniors continue the lifestyle they love while providing options for the care that meets their individualized needs. 

An Assisting Living program provides nursing care, home care, personal care and meals for residents that require service above and beyond what is typically provided while living in the community. Samaritan Summit Village has 120 assisted living beds and features a home-like environment that is flexible, offering a range of housing and lifestyle options for personalized care in a residential setting.

Samaritan is committed to long term care in Northern New York. Our goal is to take care of people at all stages of life, providing the most appropriate level of care for each individual’s unique medical, physical, and emotional needs.

To learn more about Assisted Living at Samaritan Summit Village, visit samaritanhealth.com/assistedliving.


Samaritan Summit Village Assisted Living Receives New York State EQUAL Grant

Watertown, NY – Samaritan Summit Village Assisted Living received a $21,000 grant through New York State’s EQUAL (Enhancing the Quality of Adult Living) program.

The purpose of this specialty program is to enhance both residents’ quality of care and life experience in Adult Care Facilities (ACFs). This grant allowed the Assisted Living team to purchase numerous items that will enhance residents’ lives with entertainment, physical exercise, enjoying the outdoors, and more. Items such as six large smart televisions, a bocce ball set, six weather-resistant benches, three octagon-shaped picnic tables, a music system for each floor to enjoy, exercise equipment for each floor that allows the residents to work their arms and legs while sitting for strength building, boxing balls for coordination, craft supplies, and Christmas lighting.

Assisted Living Administrator Neva Bossard said, “We discussed residents’ wants and needs through our resident council. We are excited for the new leisure improvements.”


About Assisted Living at Samaritan Summit Village: With 120 beds, our caregivers assist with daily chores, planning exciting group activities, managing and providing medicine, and so much more. We’re here to help make living easier at a reasonable cost. The services needed by residents may vary widely, but the goal of our care is always the same: helping seniors to live exceptionally.

Experience Assisted Living at Samaritan Summit Village through our virtual tour: https://youtu.be/EOrA3ti9Llk