As a health care institution we need to make available to our providers programs that enable us to provide a safe and informative environment in which to work. Some of these programs are initiated by the Samaritan Medical Center, others are developed to comply with various regulatory agencies. This notification is designed to present this information to you in a simple, convenient format. This will be provided to you in an updated electronic format annually.

Please print the Attestation Form, which requests your signature and date. This statement acknowledges receipt of this educational information. Please complete and return the form to SMC Medical Staff Services via fax (786-4915), email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), interdepartmental mail, or postal mail.  

All files are PDF files and will display in a new window/tab. They can also be downloaded. Please download Adobe Reader if you do not have this program.

2014 Back Safety

2014 Corporate Compliance

2014 Corrections Amendments to MR

2014 Diversity

2014 Emergency Procedures

2014 Employee Health


2014 Event Reporting in RL Solutions

2014 Fall Prevention

2014 Fire Safety

2014 Harassment Training

2014 Healthcare Proxy

2014 HIPAA

2014 HIV Confidentiality

2014 Latex Allergies

2014 OSHA BBP Standard

2014 OSHA Hazcom Update

2014 Patient Financial Assistance

2014 Patient Rights

2014 Patient Safety

2014 Performance Improvement

2014 SMC Confidentiality Non Disclosure Agreement

2014 Strategic Plan

2014 The Joint Commission

2014 Workplace Violence

2014 Run. Hide. Fight.

Education Program 2014 Attestation Form