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  As of Friday, September 1, 2023 – masks will be required for staff, patients, and visitors in Samaritan facilities until further notice.
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Ahmed Valve Express Shunt (Advanced Glaucoma Procedure)

Glaucoma is a complex eye disease in which circulation of the fluid in the eye is disrupted. This blockage stops the process of re-absorption of eye fluid leading to high pressure rise in the within the eye. This high pressure can ultimately affect the optic nerve, which can lead to permanent vision loss. Your eye doctor can conduct complete eye exams to see if you have glaucoma or are at risk.

In 80% of glaucoma cases, medicine or laser surgery is used to control glaucoma. Sometimes, if neither of these treatments is effective, glaucoma valves are necessary.

A glaucoma valve, implanted during outpatient surgery, consists of a small plate with a unique valve system that regulates eye pressure. Implant surgery immediately reduces pressure by giving fluid a means to drain more effectively. The eye surgeons at SMC prefer to use one of the most proven implants on the market – the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve.

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