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Understanding Pain

Chronic pain syndromes often involve not only the patient, but the family as well. Many patients are unable to work due to their chronic conditions, and that opens the door to many social, economic and family stressors. The Pain Management Center at Samaritan understands this and strives to treat each aspect of the patient’s condition.

Chronic pain is defined as pain that continues for longer periods of time (usually 4-6 months) as a result of an injury, surgery or medical illness. Acute pain is pain of a short, limited duration, which often goes away with the healing process. Treatments for acute and chronic pain are often quite different.

Pain management at the Pain Management Center involves a multidisciplinary approach in treating chronic pain. Since the degree of pain varies from person to person, your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Treatment may include a single approach or a combination of medications (pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants, anti-seizure medicines, other medicines), therapies (physical therapy, psychological therapy), and injection treatments. Our primary goal is to help you manage your pain and resume a more productive life by stopping pain from managing you.