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Samaritan Medical Center Receives Recognition for Newborn Baby Hepatitis B Vaccination Rates

Published on: August 14, 2019

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) recognized Samaritan’s Center for Women and Children for its noteworthy dedication to patient safety by adhering to their established policy to administer the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine to newborns prior to hospital discharge, and achieving a coverage rate of 91%. Samaritan Medical Center is on the IAC Hepatitis B Birth Dose ‘Honor Roll.’

The birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine is critical to safeguarding all infants from hepatitis B virus infection which can lead to chronic liver disease. Educating parents about the importance of this first dose falls on the nursing staff at every hospital. Nursing staff at the Center for Women and Children are educated about the vaccine and take the time to explain to parents the importance of this newborn dose. This dedication from nursing staff has resulted in the high percentage rate of newborns protected from a preventable disease. As IAC states “you (Samaritan) take patient safety seriously by following the national standard of care for protecting newborns.”

“Our staff are honored to receive this award again this year,” states Laurie L. Fegley, Director of the Center for Women and Children at Samaritan Medical Center. “It may seem obvious that newborns would be offered this vaccine, but it is the consistency and education of nurses that ensure parents understand the prevention benefits and choose to vaccinate. It is extremely important to our tiniest patients and we are proud to have maintained this high standard again this year.”

Front row left to right: Bonnie LaBarge RN, Leslie Dusharm, RN, Bobbie Burgess, RN, Laurie Houser, RN.
Top row left to right: Jennifer Wells, RN, Mindi Beebe, RN, Amanda Isula-Hillebert, RN, Eileen Calhoun, Unit Assistant, Mikayla Darrah, RN, Krista Rick, Certified Nurse Midwife, Dr. John Barrett, Polly Birtch, RN, Tara Cardinell, Unit Assistant