Accidents happen. So do illnesses. And they usually happen when you least expect the, and when you can least afford the interruption. Samaritan's LeRay Urgent Care Clinic is the right option. Conveniently located outside the north gate of Fort Drum, NY in the LeRay Medical building – the Clinic serves the northern New York and Fort Drum community each and every day.

Samaritan's Urgent Care Clinic in LeRay is here for you – with healthcare you can trust when you need it most. Daytime, evenings, weekends, holidays or after your doctor's office hours, our experienced healthcare providers offer same-day care so you can get back to feeling better sooner. Not all visits to the doctor can be planned or are emergency situations

No appointment necessary. Accepting most insurances, including TRICARE and Martin's Point.

*TRICARE PRIME patients must seek a referral from the Guthrie Urgent Care in order to be seen at our Urgent Care Clinic. TRICARE STANDARD patients do not need this referral.

We treat a wide variety of non-emergency illnesses and injuries, including:

• Allergies & allergic reactions
• Back pain
• Cough, colds, flu, sore throats
• Cuts, scrapes, minor wounds
• Earaches
• Eye injuries & irritations
• Headaches & migraines
• Minor sport injuries
• Muscle aches & pains
• Nausea, dizziness, vomiting
• Rashes
• Sprains & minor fractures
• Stomach aches & pains
• Sunburn & minor burns
• Wound infection

p. 315-629-5080
f. 315-629-4086

26908 Independence Way, Suite 100
Evans Mills, NY 13637

Urgent Care Providers

James Anderson, PA
Maryellen Blevins, PA 
Alexandra Davies, PA 
Caleb Richter, PA 
Aaron Robertshaw, PA 
Christine Buckley, NP 
Erin Kolb, NP