Click on your office or doctor link below to access the correct portal.

You need to access the correct portal in order to get the right information - many doctors and office have different portals so please see our listing below to get you to the right patient portal - you may have more than one. We have several Samaritan locations, as well as private doctor's office listed below.  Call your provider for more information or if you are having difficulties accessing the portal.  

Please note that Samaritan has several patient portals located at It’s important that you read the choices carefully and click on the correct link to access your information. Not every portal offers the same options.  The name of the link should correspond with the name of the Samaritan Medical Center Hospital, Samaritan Family Health Center or specialty practice where you are a patient.

Please note that, if you are a patient at multiple Samaritan facilities (for example, Samaritan Medical Center Hospital AND the Family Health Center at LeRay), you may need to access multiple links to see all of your health information. Patient Access Request Form.

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