For Our Military Patients

If you are new to Fort Drum or are planning to relocate to our community, you will notice that the healthcare system here is very special. Though healthcare may be different than at other duty stations to which you've been assigned, you can rest assured that our entire community has come together to ensure that our Fort Drum Soldiers and families have access to medical care that exceeds your expectations in terms of quality and service.

Fort Drum is the only US Army installation without its own inpatient hospital. Though many outpatient services are available on and off post, Samaritan Medical Center is the major provider of inpatient care to Soldiers and their families who are stationed at Fort Drum.

Serving our military patients and their family members is a privilege that we take very seriously at Samaritan – in fact, our service to our Soldiers and families is part of our mission to serve the community. We are proud of the new partnerships that we've formed with Fort Drum to improve the access and ensure high quality healthcare to our military patients. These partnerships help us to better understand special military lifestyle, as well as its unique rewards and challenges – needs that other community members may not face.

Samaritan partners with Fort Drum to accommodate the placement of a 10th Mountain Division Casualty Liaison Officer (LNO) at Samaritan Medical Center. Sergeant First Class Antwan Simmons is the LNO assigned to Samaritan Medical Center, who interfaces regularly with Fort Drum Command and active duty soldiers using our services.

SFC Simmons is available to soldiers and their family members as a resource in determining where to go for healthcare services within the community. He has a direct link back to Fort Drum Command and is the point of contact for our outpatient and inpatient services. All inquiries regarding a soldier's status should go through the LNO office, located in the Registration area of the hospital  or call SFC Simmons at 315-786-3831.

In addition to having a direct link to Fort Drum for our military patients, Samaritan also offers our military patients and families a discount in our cafeteria and free TV service while they are with us.

We also have specific information for military patients that may be using our Maternity Place services.

It is an exciting and cheerful time when a family is expecting the birth of a newborn baby. Samaritan Medical Center recognizes that military families may face extenuating hardships during this otherwise joyous occasion.

Operation Special Delivery (OSD) is a free program that provides trained doulas for pregnant women who may be anticipating the absence of their spouse osd bkg new flagor partner due to a military reason during the birth of their newborn. A doula is someone who is specially trained to give informational, emotional, and physical support to a woman during childbirth. For more information about Operation Special Delivery please visit their website

Samaritan is also proud to partner with Army Community Service (ACS), who offers the Fort DrumACSNew Parent Support Program. This program offers expectant military parents and parents of newborns and young children the opportunity to learn new skills as parents and also improve old ones. For more information about this program, please visit their website or via phone: 315-772-0748.