I visited the Leray urgent care today due to a very nasty chest cold and i was amazed at the friendly helpful welcome i got there.It was my first visit to this location and the receptionist was very helpful and cheerful, i'm sorry that i didnt catch her name because she deserves the credit being attached to her name but if you care to research her name,this happened the morning of Oct 26th at 9am. I was not only pleased with the receptionist but also my nurse and Dr. Neel Shah. i didnt manage to get the nurses name either but the doctor was one of the nicest i have ever visited in the area. he was very professional and checked up on me frequently because i was there for a while doing nebulizer treatments. the Leray urgent care deserves an applause and a nice pat on the back for making me feel like i was truly being taking care of by people who love what they do for a living.