I was a patient on the Labor and Delivery/Maternity floor during the week of September 23 to September 27. The experience I had along with my husband and newborn twins was amazing. I was amazed by how well the staff (Dr. Cohen and nurses) worked together to bring my two angels into the world. The delivery was complicated because the first twin flipped at the last second and was born breech. The nurses in the room along with Dr. Cohen remand calm during the stress while at the same time preparing for possible surgery. It turned out that the babies were able to both be born vaginally and entered the world small but healthy. I truly believe that if Dr. Cohen and the nursing staff had not been on during this time period the events that occurred would have been drastically different. The care I received following the delivery was also exceptional. The nurses were compassionate and caring for both me and my twins and gave me the confidence and support that I needed to give the babies what they needed. Thank you again to Dr. Cohen and the nursing staff. I would recommend SMC to any individual planning on having a child. Krista, PJ, Marshall and Payton (The Clarke Family)