On June 8th I had to have an emergency cesarean section to bring two beautiful twin babies (one boy and one girl) into this world at 3:00am. This all came about quickly Friday June 7th. I was extremely sick and ended up with the signs of pre-eclampsia. When I arrived to the L&D department at 10:30pm the nurses, (who I am not going to name because I don't want to miss anyone), immediately began taking great care of me. They hooked me up to monitors immediately and began to do what nurses do best, take care of their patients with compassion. When I learned that I was going to have the twins that night I was very nervous about it, especially knowing it was a cesarean. You see I work at SMC as well and know how the operating room works but knowing I was on the opposite end is scary. Again everyone involved in L&D OR were great and took great care of myself, my husband and our two new babies. This great care continued throughout my whole stay in the maternity department for the next three nights and four days, from everyone. Even when the babies had to go to the nursery due to body temperature dropping, they received great care and were spoiled already. We are now home and I learned a lot from all the nurses on how to safely take care of my babies. Thank you again L&D and Maternity to everyone involved in my care, including Dr. Cohen and Dr. Chen for great anesthesia care during my delivery!!!!!