August 6, 2012, my family was camping at Bedford Creek Campground 11 miles away. We were packing up preparing to go home when our friends son came to tell us our son, Sean, just ran into a bike rack mounted on to the back of their camper. He had three facial lacerations. Even as an OR nurse for 20 years, I was not prepared to see this on my 16 year old son. Knowing that he needed attention, I had no idea where to take him or what doctor to see. This was foreign territory to me, as I always knew whar and where to take my children for medical attention. But that is when we are at home. After looking at the hospitals in my GPS, I put my faith in Samaritan Hospital. With a name such as that, how could I go wrong. When I arrived, the triage nurse in the ER told me they did not have plastic service, but Watertown did. Since I work at a small hospital, I know that doesn't always matter. I proceeded to ask her, "Mother to Mother, if this was your child, who would you let stitch your child?" Her response was "any PA here." When we met the PA, he knew I was concerned and asked if we would rather be transferred to plastics at Watertown. That immediately set me at ease. As odd as this may sound, I could sense his confidence in that one statement. His name is David Keys. And the work he did on my sons face was absolutely amazing. I have shown pictures of before and after to so many people and doctors I work with and they are all impressed. His bedside manner was great as well. He set us all at ease. He had us all smiling, even laughing, before we left. My apologies for taking almost a year to write this. Experiences such as this, with people such as you employ, deserve great recognition. Please extend my greatest thanks to him. And please tell him what a great job we feel he did. The scars on Sean's face are barely visible. Samaritan hospital certainly lived up to its name, and I am so glad I put my faith in this hospital. Thank you!