Our 7 year old daughter was seen at your Clayton office by Dr. Jepma. Suspecting pneumonia, he ordered blood work and chest x-rays. 

I felt compelled to let you know how wonderful it was to have the blood tests and x-rays performed on site. I didn't have to bundle her back up, drag her to another facility, wait in a waiting room, further exposing her to possible additional infections. Then impatiently await the results. Within minutes of us leaving her appointment, Dr. Jepma, personally called me to inform me of the test results and asked if we could return for a dose of inject-able antibiotic to "jump start" her recovery. I immediately returned to the office(at lunchtime)greeted by genuinely concerned office staff, quickly taken back for her injections assisted by 4 staff members. Everyone involved from the office staff, the nursing staff, the lab staff and of course the Medical staff, were kind and compassionate. As scary as it could have been to a 7 year old to have blood drawn and x rays, both she and I knew that we were in good hands.

Clearly, the entire staff is kind, compassionate and professional and we just wanted to say "Thank you".