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The Maternity Place at Samaritan Medical Center cares for our mothers and their precious newborn infants. The staff delivers and cares for 1,700 babies on average each year. The Maternity Place features 20 mother/baby rooms, six labor and delivery rooms, and a newly renovated Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 12 beds and enhanced privacy - making Samaritan the largest and most advanced maternity services in our area.

The Maternity Place offers extensive labor pain management options, 24 hour anesthesia coverage, minimal visitation limitations, pull out sleep chairs for partners and more. And, as part of our family-centered philosophy, we strive to keep mothers and babies together after birth, including the times where a cesarean section must be performed – all of these care qualities are very important for expectant mothers.

In addition to the experienced and compassionate staff at The Maternity Place, there are many other reasons for expectant mothers to deliver their babies at Samaritan Medical Center, including:

  • Promote early initiation of maternal and infant bonding
  • Two of the Labor and Delivery Rooms are jacuzzi suites
  • Promote rooming-in for mother and baby right away
  • Sleep accommodations for partner
  • Private mother/baby rooms is our goal
  • Skype services for when partners or family members cannot be there for the birth
  • Special infant security feature for all babies
  • Baby 360 digital photography services
  • Assistance with breastfeeding
  • Many FREE childbirth classes
  • Nursing staff who specialize in maternal and infant care
  • Pumping room for mothers who need privacy


Visiting Hours:

Labor and Delivery:

  1. The patient care partner may visit or stay with the patient around the clock and remain at the bedside for the duration of the birthing process
  2. No more than 2 more additional visitors may be at the bedside for a total of 3 at the bedside at one time.
  3. We may need to ask visitors or patient care partners to leave if they are interfering with patient care, posing safety issues, or during an emergency.
  4. No one under the age of 14 years of age may visit unless visitation is cleared through the nurse managers office well in advance with a definitive birth plan and must be accompanied by an adult other than the patient or patient care partner. If you do not have child care arrangements for your children the patient care partner will have to stay in the waiting room with the children.



  1. One patient care partner may stay with the patient around the clock
  2. Siblings may visit during the day, but cannot stay overnight


Special Care Unit

  1. Parents and Grandparents ONLY allowed at any time
  2. Only 2 visitors at the bedside at a time. One person identified as the patient care partner with the matching bracelet may visit or stay with the baby around the clock which may include spending the night.
  3. The patient care partner may be asked to leave if the individual’s presence interferes with the medical or therapeutic regime of the neonate.
  4. Per the NYS DOH, visitation will be restricted during the Flu Season. Anyone sick with cold or flu like symptoms will NOT be allowed to visit.

For Our Military Families:

It is an exciting and cheerful time when a family is expecting the birth of a newborn baby. Samaritan Medical Center recognizes that military families may face extenuating hardships during this otherwise joyous occasion.  

Operation Special Delivery (OSD) is a free program that provides trained doulas for pregnant women who may be anticipating the absence of their spouse osd bkg new flagor partner due to a military reason during the birth of their newborn. A doula is someone who is specially trained to give informational, emotional, and physical support to a woman during childbirth. For more information about Operation Special Delivery please visit their website.

Samaritan is also proud to partner with Army Community Service (ACS), who offers the Fort DrumACS New Parent Support Program. This program offers expectant military parents and parents of newborns and young children the opportunity to learn new skills as parents and also improve old ones. For more information about this program, please visit their website or via phone: 315-772-0748.

Our Location:

The Maternity Place
Samaritan Medical Center
3rd Floor – Use Pratt Elevator (C)
p. 315-785-4050
f. 315-785-4277

Our Doctors:

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN)  (Click the link for a full listing)


Dr. Karl Komar
Dr. Craig Guerin


Jodi Hill, CNM
Stephanie Jones, CNM (only Fort Drum OB/GYN patients)
Deborah Kaiser, CNM (only Fort Drum OB/GYN patients)
Nicolette D. Vallandigham, CNM