Hospitalist Program

As a patient at Samaritan Medical Center, you can rest assured you will receive focused care and attention from a dedicated team of medical professionals – including Hospitalists. Think of Hospitalists as hospital specialists - full-time physicians in the hospital who make your care and recovery their top priority. A Hospitalist is a physician specially trained in Internal Medicine who focuses on caring for special needs of patients in the hospital, those with numerous complex medical problems that require acute inpatient care. Because they concentrate on just hospital care, Hospitalists are able to devote all of their efforts in the care of acutely ill patients.

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Common questions about the Hospitalist Program

Why is a Hospitalist seeing me?

Your Primary Care Physician may have formed a partnership with the Hospitalists to better serve your medical needs, or you may not have yet chosen a Primary Care Physician.

Will I still see my own Physician?

Your Primary Care Physician will continue to care for you outside the hospital. Hospitalists will consult with and communicate with your Primary Care Physician to better care for your overall needs. Hospitalists are, in essence, your physician's partners here in the hospital.

How should my family and I communicate with the Hospitalist?

Hospitalists are focused on providing you with as much information as possible about the care that you are receiving. They are your partners in your care, as much as your Primary Care Physician. If you have any questions, please ask.

What happens to me after discharge?

You will go back to your Primary Care Physician. If you have not yet selected a Primary Care Physician, the Hospitalist Service will be glad to refer you to a physician in the community. Your Hospitalist will communicate with your Primary Care Physician to keep him or her up-to-date about your hospital stay.

Who will give me prescriptions for the new medications started in the hospital?

The Hospitalist will arrange for prescriptions for any new medications.

I've left the hospital, and I have a problem. Who do I call?

The Hospitalist is responsible for your care while you are in the hospital. Once you have been discharged, please call your Primary Care Physician.