3D Mammography

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Samaritan's Fujifilm’s ASPIRE Cristalle system offers low-dose x-ray, crystal clear images and faster exams

3D provides the radiologist with much more detail than traditional 2D mammography. Several low-dose images are taken from different angles and can be viewed in thin slices, allowing the radiologist to view breast tissue layer by layer, which can help reveal abnormalities that might otherwise be hidden. This also means fewer call-backs for additional images.

Mammograms can often reveal breast cancer before any apparent symptoms or a lump can be felt. Early detection is critical to catching cancers before the advanced stages. You also want the results as soon as possible. 3D is a smarter kind of mammogram that often means you get results the first time without being called back for additional images. It’s important to make your mammography experience the best it can be.

3D mammography has a variety of benefits, including improved comfort and accuracy. The exclusive Comfort Paddles deliver a more gradual, even compression for a noticeably more comfortable mammogram.

The acquisition of this technology is one more example of Samaritan’s dedication to ensuring a full spectrum of high quality imaging modalities.

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