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MAKO Name a Robot Contest Concludes

Published on: August 25, 2022

Watertown, NY – Samaritan Medical Center is pleased to announce that after a lengthy search to name our Mako SmartRobotics™ system, we have found the perfect fit!

We received five suggestions for a version of the name SAMMIE. Dr. David J. Newman and the entire team at Samaritan Orthopedics wish to thank the community and Samaritan employees for their ideas. SAMMIE is a nice tribute to our namesake, in a fun way!

At the launch of the robot naming campaign, Samaritan asked entrants to select a charity to receive a donation of $500. The response was overwhelming and because of that, we increased the donation to $1,000 total. Although we altered the name a bit, we have decided to donate to the following charities as noted by the entrants:

Three choices: Children’s Miracle Network – $500

One choice: SPCA – $250

One choice: Make-a-Wish – $250

Thank you to Laureen Bertram, Ginny Johnston, Caitlin Humphrey, Janna Thompson, and all who participated.