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Samaritan Medical Center

Registration and Admission Procedures

Outpatient Walk-In Services

Walk-in services offered at Samaritan Medical Center, which may have been requested by your medical professional, include Labs such as blood work and Radiology (X-Ray) services. You may have been directed to have one of the services completed at your convenience. You can save time when coming to Samaritan for these services. Samaritan can call you in order to pre-register for your radiology or lab visit. If you would like to be called to pre-register, fill out the form below.

  • This must be more than 24 hours from now
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  • Please provide an ideal day and time All calls are made before 8 pm.
  • Type the word BEST next to the phone number if it is the best number to reach you.
  • Type the word BEST next to the phone number if it is the best number to reach you.
  • Type the word BEST next to the phone number if it is the best number to reach you.
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Admission Procedures

Being admitted to the hospital is often a stressful time for a patient and his/her family, often unplanned and confusing. Samaritan Medical Center wants to make sure every patient’s admission is as simple and positive as possible, regardless of how or why you are being admitted – through your doctor’s office, from the Emergency Department, or after surgery.

Direct Admission (from your doctor’s office) – Direct admissions are coordinated through the Registration area located on the 1st floor, adjacent to the parking garage. Please use the Registration entrance.

Emergency Department Admission – If you are being admitted through our Emergency Department, the hospital staff will handle all aspects of your admission from there.

Surgical Admission – If you are having a surgery that requires hospitalization afterward, you will be pre-registered before the day of your surgery, and staff will explain the entire process to you. On the day of your surgery, you can report directly to the Surgical Care Center by taking the Surgical Elevator (A) in the main hospital lobby.

Please be sure to bring all relevant documentation to ensure that the admission process is as seamless as possible. This includes your insurance card(s), photo identification, Health Care Proxy, and a list of your current medications. Please use our Patient Home Medication List for your own records to keep track of your medications. You can enter your medication information directly in this brochure and print or save it for your own records.

You will be given an identification bracelet that contains information needed for staff dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care. Please wear this bracelet at all times. We will ask you to sign a consent form (parents or guardians must sign for dependent minors and a legal or other responsible party will be asked to sign for patients who are unable to sign). This consent form will allow us to care for you in the best possible way.

View our Patient Guide and if you have questions about the Admission process here at Samaritan, please call us at 315-785-4095.