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Samaritan Medical Center

Inpatient Room Services

As a patient at Samaritan Medical Center, we strive to always provide you with the best care possible in a comfortable, calm and healing environment. Once you are settled into your room, please know that your care team is here to exceed your expectations, from nursing care to dietary needs to everything in between.

Our staff is committed to hourly rounding. At a minimum a member of your care team will be into your room to check on you each hour and be sure all of your needs are being met. Should you need something more frequently, there is a nurse call button located conveniently on your bed. Please do not hesitate to call upon us if needed.

Each of our patient rooms contains a communication board on which your entire team of providers is listed, as well as any planned treatments throughout the day. This information is changed as the staff changes from shift to shift, so that you always know your staff by name and can call upon them when needed.


Feel free to give your family members and friends the direct number to your room, or they can call our main line at 315-785-4000 to have the operator connect them to your room.

Please see the other information on this page for specific services that we offer to make you as comfortable as possible while you are under our care.

Additionally, please refer to the patient handbook for a complete overview of these and other services.

Patient Care Partner

Samaritan Medical Center encourages patients and their families to actively participate in care planning, treatments, and decisions to support the patient’s recovery.

Patients admitted to Samaritan Medical Center will be given the opportunity to name up to two (2) Patient Care Partners. The Patient Care Partner is an adult identified by the patient or the patient’s legal surrogate to be an active part of their healthcare team. For the patient who is an inpatient or outpatient who is staying overnight, one Patient Care Partner may visit or stay with the patient around the clock. The Patient Care Partner will be identified by the patient during the admission process and may be updated any time during the hospitalization.

TV Service

Television service is available within your room. Each TV is equipped with educational videos that are complimentary for all and, for a nominal fee, over 100 cable channels are available.

If you are interested in the cable TV service, please use your room phone to activate the service. Dial 5389 and a friendly telephone operator will guide you through the activation process. The fee is $6.00 per day, and a channel lineup is available in all patient handbooks. Please note that a credit card, debit card or a check over the phone must be used to pay for TV service.

If you are having issues with your TV services please dial 5389 to report a problem.

Dietary Services

“Hospital Food” isn’t what it used to be – at least for Samaritan Medical Center patients. The hospital offers room service to patients and guests, further strengthening our commitment to patient-focused care.

The room service program allows patients to view a complete menu offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including daily specials. When patients are ready to order, they simply call room service, and clinical diet aides are ready to take their calls. The food is cooked to each patient’s specifications, just like in a restaurant, and then delivered to the patient’s room within 45 minutes of the order being placed.