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Samaritan Medical Center

Insurance Information

Samaritan participates with many different commercial insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and MVP, as well as Tri-Care, Medicaid and Medicare. Please verify if Samaritan participates with your insurance by asking your insurance company directly.

Your bill will only be for services rendered at Samaritan Medical Center or an affiliate location. If your insurance coverage includes deductibles and co-insurance, these amounts will be calculated in accordance with federal or state law or as specified by contract. Any deductible and co-insurance must be paid by you. Please plan to pay the amount of your co-payment when you register for service or admission. If you have any questions about the amount of co-pay or deductible amount Samaritan is billing you we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly; most insurance cards provide a contact number on the card itself.

In addition, some patients may see on their bill that they are expected to pay a New York State Public Goods surcharge. This extra fee is mandated by New York State, and the percentage is currently set at 9.63%. This surcharge applies to most hospital services. Samaritan is required to collect these fees and forward them to New York State to provide healthcare to the uninsured, to train future doctors, and to support other “public goods” in healthcare.

If you are eligible to apply for a government based insurance and need help through the process, please learn more about out Government Insurance Liaison program.

Physician Charges

Before being admitted to the hospital, you should understand the terms and conditions of your private insurance coverage, including whether or not any physician who will care for you at Samaritan Medical Center participates in your plan. You should discuss this matter with your physician before your hospitalization. Most physicians (including emergency department physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, and surgeons) involved in your care while in the hospital will bill you separately for their services. Therefore, it is important for you to know if these physicians participate in your private insurance plan. If they do not, you may be personally liable for a portion of their bills.

Physician Offices

Business Phone

Jefferson Anesthesiologist Services


North Country Orthopaedic Group


Northern Radiology


North Country Emergency Medicine


Samaritan Medical Practice PC


What If I Feel I Was Billed Incorrectly or Have Questions?

If you believe that your Samaritan bill is incorrect, please contact the hospital’s Business Office immediately at 315-785-5730. A patient account representative will attempt to answer any questions and/or resolve billing problems. We make every attempt to ensure each bill is correct.