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When recovering from surgery, an illness or injury, many patients find they need additional care after their hospital stay, but before they’re ready to be discharged to their living home. The Short-Term Rehabilitation program at Clifton-Fine Hospital helps patients regain strength, mobility and independence. To achieve this goal, patients receive physical therapy from our experienced and highly-skilled therapists, while also benefiting from 24-hour nursing care.

For patients who were hospitalized at Clifton-Fine, the transition from acute to follow-up care is seamless. For patients coming from other facilities, the Short-term Rehabilitation program allows them to return to the community more quickly, while still receiving the appropriate level of care until they can return home, or enter the skilled nursing unit.

Referrals to the Short-Term Rehabilitation program are made from within Clifton-Fine Hospital or outside the facility. Members of the nursing staff, physicians, case managers, or family members can make in-house referrals. Outside referrals are made from other area hospitals or physicians.

For more information call 315-848-4261 or fax 315-848-2440.

Criteria for admission:

  • Prior to a patient’s admission to the Short-term Rehabilitation program, a pre-admission evaluation will be conducted to confirm admission criteria and estimate length of stay. The length of stay among patients varies, but the average is 7-14 days.
  • Admission criteria may encompass certain prerequisites from individualized insurance carriers. This is established on an individualized/patient specific basis.

Criteria for the Short-Term Rehabilitation Program are:

  • Recovery from joint replacement or another major surgery
  • Strength training after a lingering illness or prolonged hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke
  • IV medication therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Extensive wound care treatment
  • Nutritional care planning (post operatively, post extended hospitalization, etc.)

A treatment plan designed just for you:

  • Our compassionate nurses, therapists, and support personnel work with you to determine the best treatment plan on an individualized basis. Treatment plans are developed and implemented on a patient specific basis with discharge planning started on admission.
  • Physical Therapy services are centered on self-care skills, strengthening and mobility, which will increase the patient’s safety and independence. Our trained professionals are diplomatic in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic environment to ensure the success and progression of our patients, while empowering them through their treatment goals.
  • The length of program involvement is linear to the skilled therapeutic goals in place to aid in the efficient and effective resolution of established care needs. When patients have met their goals, they will be educated and aided in the appropriate implementation of their individualized discharge plan.

Skilled Services

Skilled services provided include patient education and preparation for independence prior to transition back into the home, or other living arrangements. The regime of skilled services provided to patients are determined and provided on an individualized basis. Services are customized to the individualize patient’s needs. Some of the Skilled Services provided to our patients include: IV antibiotic therapy, application and education regarding dressing changes and wound care, patient education and discharge planning regarding medication administration, insulin administration, blood sugar testing and nutritional care planning and management.

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