Employee Health

Employee Health Portal

What is Immuware?

Immuware is the Employee Health Portal for Clifton-Fine Hospital Employees, Contractors, Volunteers, Students, etc. You can access your Employee Health Portal 24/7 on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

How do I access the Employee Health Portal?

Simply click the Immuware link above.

How do I log in to my Employee Health Portal?

You log in using your cfhis.org email address and designated password. Every employee will receive a welcome email asking you to set up your account.

How does my Employee Health Portal benefit me?

You can electronically submit medical records, vaccination records, questionnaires and more. You can request medical records and view components of your Employee Health medical record. Supervisors are able to track compliance for their employees’ medical surveillance. Please note supervisors do not have access to employee medical records, they are only able to see if an employee is compliant with their medical surveillance requirements.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Employee Health Portal, or I am having difficulty logging/completing forms?

For any questions regarding your Employee Health Portal, please email employeehealth@cfhis.org

What can I submit/view via my Employee Health Portal?

  • Vaccination Records
  • Annual TB risk assessment questionnaires and TB test results
  • Respirator fit testing questionnaire and fit test results
  • Annual health screening questionnaires
  • Requests for medical records
  • Any documents you would like added/submitted to your employee health portal