Samaritan Medical Center's physicians, staff and other specialists are committed to ensuring that a broad spectrum of services are available locally to diagnose and treat many types of cancer. Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment means that an entire team of experts work together from the moment cancer is suspected and throughout the course of treatment.

Early Detection & Screening

Early detection of any type of cancer is critical. In most cases, the earlier the cancer is detected, the more treatment options that are available to the patient. Samaritan Medical Center offers numerous services, which screen for early signs and symptoms of cancer. These services include stereotactic breast biopsy, mammography, prostate testing, colonoscopy/endoscopy, and more.

One of the newest screening services available at Samaritan Medical Center is the Early Lung Cancer Screening Program. Radiologists, pulmonologists, surgeons and other specialists at SMC teamed up to make this new program available in our community. The rates of lung cancer in our region are among the highest in New York State. Typically, lung cancer is not detected until symptoms appear. Community members in our area can now take advantage of this program even if they are symptom-free (criteria for screening is based on smoking history). 

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In addition, our physicians and surgeons have technology and equipment at their fingertips to accurately diagnose cancer and determine the level of intervention necessary to treat it. Diagnostic advances available at Samaritan Medical Center include stereotactic breast biopsy, and digital mammography for breast cancer.

Lung Care Diagnosis tools include Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) and Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB). These advanced diagnosis procedures are offered exclusively at Samaritan and performed by highly-trained pulmonologists.

Treatment Options

Cancer treatment has three primary treatments: surgery, radiation oncology/therapy and chemotherapy – and often times these treatments are used in connection with each other. We have a sophisticated cancer treatment program with the most advanced equipment and services.

Surgical and Procedures

Radiation Therapy

Oncology & Hematology 

Additional Services from Samaritan

While going through your cancer care often times there is a need for follow-up services for Cancer patients. Samaritan offers Physical Therapy, Lymphedema Therapy and Pain Management options for our patients so that their recovery is complete and balanced.

Personalized Support During Your Cancer Care

Patient Navigation Services for Cancer Care
When you learn you may have cancer or receive an actual diagnosis of the disease, it is often a difficult, confusing and anxious time in your life. You will have questions and concerns about your health, and you may need help in getting the care you need. At Samaritan Medical Center, a nurse navigator is available to help all patients who have cancer to 'navigate' through the healthcare system. This program is designed to help you clarify and understand the many aspects of your diagnosis and treatment. Learn More about Patient Navigation Services for Cancer Care.