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  As of Friday, September 1, 2023 – masks will be required for staff, patients, and visitors in Samaritan facilities until further notice.
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For Patients

Emergency Department nurse caring through COVID-19

Caring Through COVID-19

At Samaritan, the health of our patients, our staff and our community always comes first. Though times are challenging, we’ve taken precautions to ensure our patients can still safely receive the care they need.

Our staff is well-trained and prepared to keep you healthy and safe. Rest assured, we are here for you. Scroll down to learn how we’ve adjusted our care delivery during COVID-19.

  • General Safety Close
    • Social distancing is being practiced throughout the hospital and at all Samaritan locations.
    • Upgraded cleaning protocols are being used. Watch the video below to learn more about cleaning and disinfection at Samaritan.
    • Anyone who enters a Samaritan facility is screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and provided a medical-grade mask.
    • Staff are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Emergency Department Close
    • Patients with symptoms of respiratory illness are immediately separated from other patients.
    • Everyone is required to wear a face mask.
    • Everyone is screened for symptoms upon entry. This includes a temperature check and questions about health status and travel history.
    • All staff are using proper protective equipment.

  • Primary Care Close
    • Patients remain in their car for the registration process.
    • All patients get a pre-appointment screening and are provided with a medical-grade face mask.
    • No waiting room or checkout — patients are brought directly to an exam room and appointment summary/lab slips are mailed.

  • Outpatient Surgery Close
    • Surgical patients use Samaritan Medical Center’s main entrance, a dedicated entrance open only to them.
    • Patients will receive a pre-op screening in their vehicle.
    • Three days before surgery, patients will receive a COVID-19 test at Samaritan’s Community Coronavirus Testing Site.

    Visitor Policy

    As elective procedures resume, Samaritan must continue to abide by state regulations regarding visitors in order to protect the health and safety of our patients and staff in the midst of ongoing public health concerns.

    As directed by NYS Department of Health requirements, visitors or support persons are not permitted to accompany surgical patients into the building. While we understand this may be difficult, we must continue to look out for the best interests of our patients and staff. If they choose to wait at Samaritan, loved ones will be directed to park in a designated area close to the building, where they will receive regular updates via phone calls and text messages.

“They’re my heroes…I’m home, I’m breathing, and I’m back with my family. I’ve never seen so much compassion out of nurses as I saw when I was in the hospital.”

— Deborah Bellinger, Samaritan Medical Center Patient

Deborah’s Story

Being hospitalized with COVID-19 is something Deborah Bellinger will never forget. Thankfully, neither is the compassionate care she received at Samaritan Medical Center.

When she was admitted to the hospital on January 6, 2021, the 62-year-old resident of Lorraine, NY, felt so ill that she didn’t know what lie ahead for her.

“When I first came in, I didn’t know if I was coming or going because I was really sick,” she said. “It took me a week or so before I really realized what was going on.”

Fortunately, she said, from the moment she arrived in the hospital’s dedicated COVID-19 unit, she experienced excellent care and the reassurance that she was going to be okay.

“The nurses were very attentive to what I was going through, and very compassionate” Mrs. Bellinger said. “They would come in and tell me what I needed to do to get better. The aides were also great, making sure I had my bath, a clean bed, a clean nightgown – they made sure everything was tip-top for me.”

All told, Mrs. Bellinger spent three whole weeks in the hospital overcoming COVID-19 and was able to return home on January 27th. Her breathing continues to improve and she is overjoyed to be back home with her family. She credits her care team at Samaritan Medical Center for getting her through such a frightening experience.

“They’re my heroes,” she said. “I’m home, I’m breathing, and I’m back with my family. I’ve never seen so much compassion out of nurses as I saw when I was in the hospital.”

COVID-19 Resource Line

If you have questions or concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19) or think you have symptoms, please call Samaritan’s COVID-19 Resource Line at 315-755-3100. Medical professionals are standing by Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.