Ways to Give

The Samaritan Medical Center Foundation of Northern New York offers community members and stakeholders many ways to invest in your community healthcare system, as well as specific programs for donors. Below is a listing of some of the programs the Samaritan Medical Center Foundation administers. Please download our complete Ways to Give brochure for full details or please call us directly at 315-785-5785.

Singular Donations and Annual Giving:

Provide a steady donation to the Foundation once during your life or for many years.

  • Samaritan Society: Donors who pledge gifts of $15,000 or more are recognized through membership in the Samaritan Society. Download our Samaritan Society Pledge Form
  • Events: Sponsor our annual events such as the Thousand Islands Golf Classic, Festival of Trees and other special events.
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Grants: Awarded to patients to provide the financial support they need to complete phases of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.
  • Endowment Fund: Truly a gift that keeps on giving, endowment fund gifts are invested, and only the interest earned is used to support programs - the principal remains intact.
  • Children's Miracle Network: Samaritan is proud to be one of 170 hospitals throughout the United States and Canada affiliated with the Children's Miracle Network (CMN), an organization whose mission it is to ensure that all children have access to quality healthcare, regardless of their family's ability to pay.
  • Naming Opportunities: As Samaritan continues to renovate and expand its facilities, this program creates an opportunity for donors to perpetuate the name of an individual, a family, a business or an organization for years to come.


Inspiration Fund:

 Over the years many community members have shared with us their stories and experiences of Samaritan Medical Center and our network of care across the North Country. These individuals have told us how inspired they are by our talented staff, by the new programs and services offered, and by the cutting edge equipment and technology brought to our facilities.

From these stories a new opportunity for supporting Samaritan was created - The Inspiration Fund.

Each year, The Inspiration Fund will raise money for specific hospital initiatives. It is our hope that this campaign will inspire giving in a whole new way. Inspiration Fund Pledge Card 

Thank you to our 2015 Inspiration Fund Donors

BCA Architects & Engineers, Nancy Breslin, Bev & Bernie Brown, Car-Freshner Corporation, Thomas & Irene Carman, Jerome F. Cuyler, MD, Beth & Randy Fipps, Erika & Travis Flint, Daniel S. Gray, MD & Maja Lundborg-Gray, MD, Harris Beach PLLC, Urban & Sally Hirschey, John & Susan Johnson, Hugh Keegan Associates, Inc., Robert & Norma Kemper, Marcia Kettrick, KeyBank, N.A. and KeyBank Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Carleton H. Lamica, Rachel E Lewis, MD & Mr. Roger Johnson, Michael C. Miller, Dean & Barbara Morrow, Mr. & Mrs. John P. Murtha, Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Naso, Barry M. Ormsby, Jeff & Mary Perrine, David & Michell Pfaff, Patricia A. Phillips, Steve & Cindy Pierce, Peter & Laurel Pike, William & Catherine Quencer, Theresa L. & Douglas S. Quintin, Shelly A. & Rande S. Richardson, Donald & Kay Rickett, Harold & Gloria Rothschild, Diane & David Roy, Patricia Inglesby Tague & Rich W, Tague, Anthony V. & Tana Tarzia, Daniel A. & Lauren B. Throop, Joan Treadwell-Woods, Jan K. Turcotte, MD, Addison F. Vars III & Barbara Vars, Barbara N. Webber, Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Weber, Mary & Fred Whalen, Martin & Linda Yenawine

The generous donations made by you have made it possible to:

AccuVeinDonationPurchase innovative equipment such as AccuVein AV400 - Difficulty in locating veins during a lab procedure or blood draw can result in pain and discomfort for the patient and frustration for the healthcare professional. Samaritan is pleased to now offer the use of AccuVein technology to improve the rate of successful first-time attempts to draw blood, thereby increasing the comfort and safety of our patients. Our goal is to implement this technology across the entire Samaritan organization, starting first with those areas caring for our youngest and oldest patients. With this technology, a small hand-held device projects a pattern of light on the patient's skin to illuminate the position of underlying veins. This enables the healthcare professional to not only feel but to now see veins that are most accessible. Samaritan's AccuVein400 Illumination Technology will significantly enhance the patient's healthcare experience.

HyperbaricChamberProvide funding to make the Wound Care Center possible - Unless you or a loved one has experienced how debilitating a chronic wound can be, it may be difficult to comprehend the significant impact that a dedicated wound care program has on that individual's life and livelihood. With such a high rate of diabetes in Northern New York, as well as other conditions that prevent wounds from healing, Samaritan recognized this need and filled it. Samaritan's new Wound Care Center, established in August of 2015, provides patients with local access to a specially trained team of wound care professionals, as well as advanced procedures and treatments such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. As the Center grows, so will the need for additional equipment, staff and resources to ensure more patients' lives are improved because the chronic wound care they need remains available right here in their community.  The Samaritan Wound Care Center is located at 165 Coleman Ave., Watertown. Call 315-755-2024 for more information.

OldandNewHospitalFund the Endowment - Through the generosity of your donations, the endowment enables the Samaritan Medical Center Foundation to create sustainable funding for years to come.  While the principal is strategically invested, interest from these funds generates significant annual income for the activities of the Medical Center and its affiliates. This sustainability is key to the growth and future viability of the Samaritan organization.. The Foundation's goal is to grow the endowment to $30 million. A strategic effort has been launched to position the Foundation to augment the hospital's long-team needs in a healthcare environment that is forecast to reduce reimbursement while increasing the number of insured individuals whose demand for state-of-the-art equipment and facilities will challenge even the strongest hospitals' budgets.

When you invest in Samaritan, you are investing in the health of our community for generations to come!

Planned Giving:

A deferred donation, arranged well ahead of time, usually through wills, life insurance, charitable trusts, or gifts of property or stock.

  • Stevens Society: Individuals who have included the Samaritan Medical Center Foundation in their estate plans or have created a planned gift are recognized by membership in the Stevens Society.

Memorial/Tribute Gifts: 

Honor or remember a special relative, friend, neighbor or co-worker.

  • Heart to Heart: The Samaritan Medical Center Foundation's Grateful Patient, Family & Friends Program: Make a gift in honor of a Samaritan caregiver- perhaps someone who went the extra mile to care for you or a loved one.
  • The Maternity Place Honor Roll: Commemorate the birth of a new baby, a birthday or other special occasion by purchasing a tile on the Maternity Place Honor Roll wall. Proceeds benefit the Samaritan Maternity Department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • Bethany Wright Remembrance Fund: Established in memory of Bethany Wright, a nurse at Samaritan Medical Center for over thirty years, this fund provides continuing education "scholarships" to Samaritan Medical Center nurses.

Corporate Giving:

  • Businesses of any size can demonstrate their support of healthcare in the North Country through a corporate giving program to benefit Samaritan. This can range from outright corporate gifts, to event sponsorship or a matching gift program.


Matching Gifts

  • Many employers or former employers (if you are retired) have matching gift programs through which your generosity to Samaritan can be multiplied. Check with your human resources office to see if your company offers matching gifts to non-profit agencies.

Real Estate:

Qualified gifts of real estate, such as undeveloped land, farms or personal residences, may be given outright to support the Foundation or as a planned gift. 

Appreciated Securities:

Gifts of appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds provide the same benefits as money for the hospital and offer the donor the additional benefit of paying no capital gains tax.

Your Gifts at Work:

$13.5 million raised by Advancing Healthcare ... Close to Home in support of the Pavilion and hospital renovations

$350,000 in Children's Miracle Network grants allocated to local families for healthcare related needs, as well as to Samaritan Medical Center and other area hospitals and agencies for capital equipment purchases.

$265,000 given towards the construction of the new Clayton Family Health Center

Read more about these programs in our Foundation brochure.


Donations by check can be mailed to:

Samaritan Foundation
830 Washington Street
Watertown, NY 13601