Learn more about our 2013 GME Alumni and where they landed after graduating from Samaritan's program...

Aaron Campbell, DO

Program: Internal Medicine

Hometown: Lost Creek, WV

After Graduation: Hospitalist - Samaritan Medical Center - 2013

Colleges and Specific Degrees:
-BS in Health Sciences, Alderson-Broaddus College, Philippi, WV (1995) -DO, WVSOM, Lewisburg, WV (2010)

Life before Medical School: Physician Assistant

Outdoor Activities (hiking, kayaking, hunting, fishing), Presidential Biographies

Favorite Thing about the Area:
My family and I enjoy spending time on the water, either Lake Ontario or the St. Lawrence River. There are many wonderful NY State Parks and historic sites to visit around the area. We also enjoy making day trips into Canada.

Favorite Thing about Residency at Samaritan:
Great atmosphere to learn! Unlike bigger programs, you are afforded more than enough one-on-one time with Attendings. If you are interested in procedures, there are plenty of opportunities to not only perform procedures but to also become proficient!


 Brian Hornsby, DO

Program: Internal Medicine

Home State: West Virginia

After Graduation: Internal Medicine - Private Practice - 2013

Colleges and Specific Degrees:
DO, WVSOM, Lewisburg, WV (2010)


Colleen Overdorf D.O.

Hometown: Arcadia, IN just outside Indianapolis

After Graduation: Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship - 2013

Colleges and Specific Degrees:
Indiana State University, Bachelor of Science in Life Science and minor Chemistry
Indiana and Purdue Univ of Indianapolis MS in Biological Sciences pending completion of thesis
Kansas City Univ of Medicine and Biosciences Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Life before medicine:
Raised my daughter and worked in phlebotomy through college and medical school

Special Interests:
Play guitar in free time. I enjoy special time every month with my 16 year old daughter, Kaylin. I enjoy my animals in the absence of my daughter Kaylin living with me through residency. They give me something to baby : )

Favorite thing about the area:
I enjoy doing outdoor activities w/ Lance who I never would have meant if I had not come to Watertown : )

Favorite thing about residency at Samaritan:
You and the attending work closely on rotations.


Christina Marie Bordeau

Program: Internal Medicine

Hometown: Rutland, Vermont

After Graduation: Endocrinology Fellowship - 2013

Colleges and Specific Degrees:
2005-2009 University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
2000-2001 University of Vermont
Post Baccalaureate – Anatomy & Physiology
Philosophy Doctorate Graduate Program – Biochemistry/Biophysics
1999-2000 Trinity College of Vermont
Post Baccalaureate - Immunology
1995-1999 Trinity College of Vermont
Bachelor of Science awarded cum laude
Major: Biology and Pre-Medical Study
Minor: French and Chemistry
Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honors Society

Life before Medical School:
I graduated from Trinity College of Vermont, BS cum laude and began post-graduate work in Biochemistry/Biophysics at the University of Vermont. From there, I combined my interests in women's health, international travel and research through working in Maternal Fetal Medicine, participating in the Himalayan Cataract Project with traveling to the Tilganga Eye Center, Nepal.

I took my interest in moral philosophy and health care delivery to the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine where I earned my DO in 2009. After completing a Traditional Rotating Internship at Saint Vincent Mercy Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio, I returned to the Northeastern United States to begin Internal Medicine Residency at Samaritan Medical Center.

• T. Urling and Mabel B. Walker Cancer Committee, Cancer Conference Committee, Ethics Committee, Ethics Review Committee, Samaritan Thoracic Oncology Program for Lung Cancer Screening,
• American Osteopathic Association
• National and International Travel, Sailing, Hiking, Horseback riding, Reading, Music(Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet), Theater, Dance, Geology/Astronomy, Exotic Cars, Game Theory and Cooking.
• Languages: English – Native; French – Advanced Fluency; Spanish – Intermediate Fluency
• Travel and Study Abroad: Canada, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Monaco, Nepal, Singapore, Spain, Tibet, and United States.

Favorite Thing about the Area:
Growing up as the daughter of a seventh-generation Vermonter, the Green Mountains have trained me to love and appreciate fresh mountain air, pristine lakes and verde pastures among a quaint, New England atmosphere. In following my heart's desire, life in Watertown, New York offers a similar "home-town feel" with the beauty of nature encompassing small, distinct communities. The Saint Lawrence River, Black River and Thousand Islands hug the surrounding area. In addition, the U.S. Army Post Fort Drum is near the city.

Favorite Thing about Residency at Samaritan:
I am honored and privileged to be a part of the team at Samaritan Medical Center because of the dedication to patient care, emphasis on teaching, multidisciplinary medicine, sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care, coupled with a community outreach focus and with compassion among diverse populations. The core values of dignity, respect and trust are exemplified at Samaritan Medical Center and the faculty, staff and team of Internal Medicine and Family Practice residents are extended family.


Imagine being able to watch your favorite movie during an MRI. This is now a reality for patients at Samaritan Medical Center with the new Cinemavision MRI video from Resonance Technology. These innovative "goggles," accompanied with MRI safe headphones, immerse patients in a video of their choice and ultimately help patients remain calm during the noisy MRI scan. This will allow technicians to obtain better imaging results without the use of sedation or anesthesia.

The MRI goggles produce a video image similar to what a person would experience from a five foot display set while standing ten feet away. So the image will appear as if it is being projected from a distance to prevent any feelings of claustrophobia. Patients will have the option to view a pre-selected video. Additionally, the MRI technician can communicate via a microphone and project a video image of themselves in the goggles so the patient can see and hear the technician.

Adults and children who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety during MRI examinations will benefit from the use of the goggles. According to a study in Applied Radiology, the use of these goggles will reduce the need to sedate children younger than seven-years-old during MRI exams by 35 percent.

The Cinemavision MRI video goggles have been installed in the Medical Center’s traditional MRI suite and the new mobile Open MRI.

Samaritan Medical Center is the first in Northern and Central New York to offer this new and innovative technology.

Call 1-800-634-2468 to schedule your MRI at Samaritan today, or for more information. 

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When the cornea becomes severely diseased and vision in compromised, cornea transplantation may be necessary. Many people with corneal disease can benefit from transplants involving tissue from human donors, which is the most common treatment. However, in many cases, this treatment rapidly fails and an alternate treatment for patients with severe corneal opacity is the artificial cornea implant, Boston K-Pro.

Boston K-Pro is used after standard corneal transplantation has failed or when such a transplant would be unlikely to succeed. It is designed to help patients whose conditions are the most difficult to treat.

Boston K-Pro is known for excellent long-term stability and safety.