A two-day review of emergency nursing designed to assist the participant to be successful in obtaining Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) certification. 

Course Details:

July 15 & 16 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day
Samaritan Medical Center, Conference Room 2A
830 Washington Street
Watertown, NY 13601

Early Bird Registration: $250 per person (received on or before May 16th)
Registration: $275 per person (received after May 16th)
Samaritan ED Nurses: No charge (must show reciept of CEN Exam fee)
Military Discount - 10% off registration cost

Reservations are now closed.

Download the CEN Course brochure for further details.

Successfully completing the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) ® exam is a challenge that has been completed by only a minority of emergency nurses. Successful completion of this exam exhibits to others that the bearer has demonstrated a knowledge base in the specialty of emergency nursing that exceeds their peers.

This course is a review of emergency nursing designed to assist the participant to be successful in obtaining CEN certification. The course offers lectures, graphics, videos and practice questions in many of the areas that are tested on the CEN examination. This review will provide not only a knowledge base for successfully completing the exam, but also a foundation for further study as the participant works towards emergency nursing certification.

About the Speaker:


Jeff brings with him a wealth of nursing background, including clinical nursing in medical/surgical and emergency medicine, cruise-ship nursing, flight nursing, nursing management and administration, state surveyor, and nursing educator. Jeff currently finds his fulfillment speaking in front of audiences around the world on a variety of clinical and motivational topics. He was honored by the Emergency Nurses Association with the “Nursing Education Award” for his outstanding contributions to Emergency Nursing through education and publishing and in 2008, was inducted as a fellow in the Academy of Emergency Nursing. Aside from speaking, Jeff contributes to numerous journals and publications. He is the co-editor of the Manager’s
Forum for the Journal of Emergency Nursing, is a regular contributor to Nursing Spectrum, and has served as editor or author for numerous books.

Jeff wrote the CEN Review course in 2004 and has offered it in locations around the world over hundreds of times since. He has been invited to present the course at the Emergency Nurses Association annual convention for numerous years and has been invited by the Emergency Nurses Association to offer his course
as a live webinar through the organization. Jeff is the author and editor of numerous resource books utilized by participants in preparing for the CEN exam including a series of review books entitled “Pocket Pearls” and another series of books entitled “Pocket Practice”. Jeff authored and edited an on-line CEN Review course in conjunction with the Emergency Nurses Association for MC Strategies – an affiliate of Mosby-Elsevier publishing company. Jeff’s CDs, DVDs and iPod versions of the CEN review course have sold thousands of copies over the past decade.

Aside from his work in the nursing field, Jeff is also the founder and director of a third world humanitarian organization called Project Helping Hands which regularly takes medical teams into various third world countries. Jeff has personally visited over fifteen different countries and led over 30 teams through his
organization. Jeff combines his sense of humor with stories from his travels around the world to make each seminar a fun and unforgettable experience.

Learn more about our most current GME Alumni and where they landed after graduating from Samaritan's program...

Marnina Shelkin

Program: Internal Medicine

Hometown: Drexel Hill, PA

After Graduation: Joining the Lehigh Valley Physician Group in Allentown, PA

Colleges and Specific Degrees:
West Chester University of Pennsylvania - Cellular and Molecular Biology
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Life before Medical School:
College student and freelance musician.

Music, Reading, Biking, Dancing, Yoga, Politics, and Environment

Favorite Thing about the Area:
The beautiful scenery and natural beauty.

Favorite Thing about Residency at Samaritan:
The people, of course!



Kristine Soltanpour

Program: Internal Medicine

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado and Larchmont, New York

After Graduation: Pursuing a Nephrology fellowship in Syracuse.

Colleges and Specific Degrees: 
Lewis and Clark College; Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Traveling, starting a medical foundation the Sol Medical Foundation. Playing tennis, going to cultural events.

Favorite thing about the area:
Lake Ontario is so beautiful so is the St Lawrence River. Plenty of outdoors things to do, like hiking and seeing different parts of this beautiful area.

Favorite thing about the Residency Program at Samaritan:
There is so much to say here, Dr. Rechlin is the best program director ever and also the best DME. He listens and actually helps the residents to succeed. Also the Chief Aaron Campbell who helps us with knowledge organizes great residency outings. I went skeet shooting for the first time ever and even though I never shot a gun in my life I had so much fun with going as a group and doing a residency building opportunity. The residents and residency are very supportive of one another. The program is very conducive to learning and to becoming an excellent physician. You make what you want here but for me this is the best program I can ask for. I truly cannot say how much I am happy to be here. Some programs are malignant this is NOT. This program actually is very humane and you learn a lot. If you want a program that you have to take charge which I love this is it.



Itauma Udosen

Program: Family Medicine

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

After Graduation: Moving to Cleveland, Ohio for Sports Medicine fellowship training.

Colleges and Specific Degrees: 
The University of Georgia in Athens, GA; B.S. Ed in Exercise Science

Dancing, Traveling, working out, the company of my family and friends, watching documentaries and movies.

Favorite Thing about the Area: 
I like the fact that Watertown is near Lake Ontario and Canada; both of which are places I like to go to and relax

Favorite Thing about Residency at Samaritan:
I enjoy the autonomy given to me by my preceptors. While I am given the opportunity to be in charge of my patients, I know that my preceptors will be there to guide me if needed.




Sheila Ramanathan aka RamanoodleCrunch

Program: Family Medicine

Hometown: Quakertown, PA aka Philly Yo

After Graduation: Accepted a position at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire.

Colleges and Specific Degrees: 
Lehigh University, Molecular Biology, LECOM-Erie

Life before Medical School: 
I pippetted 10 hours a day for 15 dollars an hour.

Art, New experiences, Funny looking people, biking, being adventurous, snowshoeing, international, national and local travel, Parrotlets, betta fish, gardening, various kinds of food

Favorite Thing about the Area: 
Renaissance fair and castles (I have yet to go to either one...hint hint Aaron)

Favorite Thing about Residency at Samaritan: 
My Fellow FM Residents! The outpatient clinic is pretty Boss



See our 2014 Alumni profiles, click here.

 2016 American Heart Association Classes




Course Description:

These courses meet the standards of the American Heart Association for the training of providers in ACLS. The goal of these sessions is to integrate knowledge and motor skills into a clinically useful discipline. The courses are designed to develop skills and proficiency in the techniques of ACLS. The latest guidelines and recommendations of the American Heart Association are emphasized. The material is covered through hands-on small-group approaches and case scenarios. Previous Basic Life Support Training and proficiency in cardiac rhythm interpretation, pharmacology, and venipuncture experience is required.

February 11 & 12
June 2 & 3
October 13 & 14

January 14
February 25
March 17
April 1
May 5
September 16
October 7
November 18

ACLS INSTRUCTOR COURSE - Core Course - (Required for all new instructors) - Take on-line course before taking Instructor Course. 
January 15

Download the Advanced Cardiac Life Support Registration Form for more detailed information.  
Must have Adobe Reader to view file.

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Samaritan Medical Center offers a variety of BLS training programs to meet your needs. These programs are presented according to American Heart Association guidelines.

Health Care Provider and Provider Renewal Course Description:
The BLS for Healthcare Providers course is designed to teach the skills of CPR for victims of all ages (including ventilation with a barrier device, a bag-mask device, and oxygen), use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), and relief of foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO). It is intended for participants who work in a healthcare setting and those who are required to take a healthcare provider course for their employment.

No January Class
February 2 & 3
No March Class
April 20 & 21
No May Class
June 7 & 8
July 20 & 21
August 2 & 3
August 9 & 10
August 23 & 24
No September Class
October 5 & 6
No November Class
December 6 & 7

January 7
February 24
March 9
April 7
May 4
June 16
July 13
August 18
August 31
September 14
October 19
November 16
December 14

Core Course - (Required for all new instructors) to be taken on-line before attending the Instructor Course.
Instructor Course - April 8

Download the Basic Life Support Registration Form for more detailed information.  

Must have Adobe Reader to view file.

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These courses meet the standards of the American Heart Association for the training of providers in PALS. The goal of these sessions is to integrate knowledge and motor skills into a clinically useful discipline. The material is covered through hands-on small group approaches and case scenarios. You are expected to be proficient in BLS skills. Previous Basic Life Support Training and proficiency in cardiac rhythm interpretation, pharmacology, and venipuncture experience is required.

February 4 & 5
June 9 & 10
October 20 & 21

January 21
March 10
April 15
May 13
September 23
September 30
November 4

Core Course: (Required for all new instructors) Take on-line course before taking the Instructor Course.
March 11

Download the Pediatric Advanced Life Support Registration Form for more detailed information.  
Must have Adobe Reader to view file.

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Course Description:ediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS) is a new intermediate course for credentialed healthcare providers who infrequently see critically ill children. It is designed to enhance basic pediatric life support knowledge to prepare the learner to initiate and manage the first few minutes of a pediatric arrest or prevent the arrest of a pediatric victim at risk of severe cardiopulmonary distress.

March 4
November 14

Download the Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition and Stabilization Registration Form for more detailed information.  
Must have Adobe Reader to view file.

For questions about these courses please call: 315-785-4036

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Samaritan Standards of Performance

Thank you for considering employment at Samaritan Medical Center and Samaritan Keep Home.  We want our customers – our patients, residents, and families – to have the very best experience possible at our facilities, so we look for very special people to join our team.  In fact, we feel so strongly about this,members of our staff, from 20 different departments have developed these "Standards of Performance" that we require our staff to exhibit in their work life every day. Practicing Samaritan’s Standards of Performance is an essential requirement of every Samaritan employee.  Please read our standards below. 


In order to succeed as a team in meeting the healthcare needs of those we serve, Samaritan is committed to:  Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Respect and Trust (our HEART Values).  Creating a culture that values quality care and service excellence in a collaborative work environment is accomplished in part by establishing standards of performance for all employees.  These standards uphold the HEART Values and describe the behaviors necessary to provide safe and compassionate health care in a supportive environment for the community we serve.

    • I commit to being accountable for all my actions.
    • I will know and understand the responsibilities of my job. I will take charge of and accept these job responsibilities.
    • I will pay attention to detail and strive to do a job right the first time.
    • I will attend and participate in all required facility meetings and/or follow up regarding information presented/discussed at the meeting.
    • I will be accountable for all information given at meetings.
    • I will complete all mandatory tasks as required for my position.
    • I will speak positively about the organization and always remember that I am the organization.
    • I will adhere to all HIPAA confidentiality policies.
    • I will not discuss Patient/Resident related information in hallways, elevators, or any other area outside of customer care areas.
    • I will know the policies and procedures of my department and my facility and understand my individual role relative to those policies and procedures.
    • I commit to keeping a safe environment for our institution.
    • If I see a safety, maintenance or housekeeping hazard I will correct it if possible; report it if not.
    • I will show respect for equipment and return equipment to its proper place.
    • I will maintain a clean and safe work area.
    • I commit to being mindful of my appearance and the appearance of the institution.
    • I will always dress in a professional, tidy and discreet manner as per policy.
    • I will always practice good personal hygiene.
    • I will wear my I D Badge where it can be easily seen per policy.
    • I will pick up litter throughout the organization when I come across it.
    • I commit to effective communication to contribute to a positive environment.
    • I will always use respectful language, a professional tone of voice and positive body language in all interactions.
    • I will always use proper email etiquette.
    • I will never shout, use harsh language or profanity.
    • I will know how to operate the telephones in my area.
    • When transferring a call, first I will provide the caller the correct number in case the call is lost.  Calls should be answered in three rings.
    • When answering calls I will speak clearly, identify myself and ask, “How my I help you?” or the equivalent.  I will get the callers permission before putting them on hold and thank them when I return to the line.  I will periodically acknowledge callers who are on hold, give them the status of their calls and ask them if they wish to continue to hold.
    • I will place my phones on voice mail only when necessary and recorded messages will be kept short and to the point.  If I work in a Patient or Resident care area, I will not use automated messaging.
    • I will return calls promptly and thank callers for returning my calls promptly.  When appropriate, I will finish each conversation with “Thank you for choosing Samaritan.”
    • I will only use my personal cell-phone (including texting) when I am on a break or a lunch period.
    • I will not use any cell phone during meetings.
    • I commit to understanding and exceeding customer expectations.
    • I will acknowledge people who appear at my (Point of Service) Nurse Station, desk, etc. immediately by making eye contact, then verbally addressing them with “How may I help you?”
    • I will promptly welcome our customers in a friendly manner, smile warmly, and introduce myself.  I will use “please” and “thank you” whenever appropriate.  I will not allow anyone to feel ignored.
    • I will ask how a Patient or Resident wishes to be addressed and I will not use words like “honey”, “sweetie”, “nicknames”, etc.
    • I will listen carefully to what our customers have to say and avoid interrupting them.
    • I understand that customers’ families are as important as the customer.  I will update families as defined by the departmental guidelines when a customer is undergoing a procedure.

    • I will always thank customers for waiting and apologize for delays.
    • I will not make references to Patients or Residents as room numbers, diagnosis, etc.
    • I will use easily understood and appropriate language when giving information to our internal and external customers.
    • When I am in customer care areas I will keep my voice low to respect customers’ confidentiality and use an appropriate tone of voice.
    • I will respect customers’ dignity at all times.  I will knock and allow necessary time for a response before entering a customers’ room.  I will close the curtain/door when examining or performing a procedure.
Before I leave a customer I will ask, “Is there anything else I may do for YOU?”
    • I understand that our customers’ expect to be treated with courtesy and I will always treat them with that in mind.
    • I recognize that our customers have a sense of urgency and I will show them that we value their time.  I understand that customers are not an interruption of our work; they are our reason for being here.
    • I will apologize for problems and inconveniencies and I will work to resolve any issues within my ability.
    • I will work to provide a comfortable atmosphere for waiting customers and/or customers’ families and friends.
    • If I am unable to answer a question or help a customer, I will find someone who can assist them.
    • I will give the elevator to Patients, Residents and other customers first.  I will let everyone off an elevator before I enter.
    • When I am in the hallway or elevator I will make eye contact, acknowledge and greet everyone as appropriate.
    • When I am in the hallway or on the facility grounds, I will offer assistance to all who appear lost by escorting them to their destination.
    • I will treat everyone as if they are the most important person I will meet today.
    • I commit to my Co-Workers to promote a Patient/Resident Centered - Service Oriented facility.
    • I will arrive to work on time with a positive attitude, provide appropriate notice when I am going to be late and I will not be excessively or chronically tardy as defined by the attendance policy.  I will be on time, ready to work and remain available to work until my scheduled shift is completed.  (Per Policy)
    • I will help create a culture that taps the full potential of employees and builds an environment that allows all people to feel appreciated, included and valued.  I will be tolerant of fellow employees and respect other’s expertise.  I will treat others as professionals deserving of courtesy, honesty, empathy, and respect.
    • I will welcome new employees / mentor them / offer support and help them be successful.
    • As a new employee I understand that my Manager or designee will attend the general orientation luncheon with me.
    • I recognize the value of a diverse workforce and remain open to different ideas and viewpoints.
    • I will continually recognize my colleagues for going above and beyond and for continual working days without a call in.
    • I will appreciate other’s time and try to avoid last minute requests.
    • I will look beyond my assigned tasks to promote teamwork and assist coworkers until I leave the work site.  I understand that “It’s not my job” is not an acceptable answer, response, or excuse.
    • I will be courteous and discrete when giving and receiving constructive criticism.  I will never chastise or embarrass someone in front of others or behind their back.
    • I will have the courage to address inappropriate behavior among my team members.
    • I give my team members permission to hold me accountable for my actions and to address any inappropriate behavior I display. I give my team members permission to “have my back” and help me correct behavior that does not promote a Patient/Resident Centered - Service Oriented facility.

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Samaritan offers several programs and opportunities to attract and train a great workforce. One of the most important positions in Long-Term Care is the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and Samaritan offers our its own CNA Training Program to ensure we have qualified staff caring for our nursing home residents. This class is now offered on a rotating schedule. 

Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program

Samaritan Keep Home is excited to announce its Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program. This 10-week, un-paid training program will require a time commitment of approximately 30 hours per week At the successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the New York State Certified Nursing Assistant exam. Classes will begin again on August 15. Class hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 am - 3:30 pm for weeks 1-6 and 7:30 am - 2;30 pm for weeks 7-11. Classes are held at Samaritan Keep Home.

If you are a compassionate, caring, and dedicated individual interested in a dynamic healthcare opportunity as a Certified Nursing Assistant at one of our long-term care facilities, (Samaritan Keep Home or Samaritan Summit Village) consider the CNA training program at SKH which is scheduled to begin October 3, 2016.

If you are interested, register on-line for the CNA Training Program HERE (when you arrive on the search page, type the word Training in the Description Keywords field and click search). 

Candidates must have a High School Diploma or a GED, be able to lift 50 lbs. and must be able to pass a drug test, background and reference screening and physical.

Samaritan is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer. Women,  Minorities, Disabled and Veterans are encouraged to apply.

The role of a Certified Nursing Assistant is to:

Provide compassionate care to a diverse age group of residents;
Assists residents with activities of daily living, such as:
Bathing, dressing, transferring, bed mobility, ambulation, feeding, toileting, positioning;
Distribute and assist with snacks and nourishments;
Performs finger stick blood sugars (FSBS) and electrocardiogram (EKG)

Samaritan Keep Home and Samaritan Summit Village's CNA Training Program is a New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) certified program and is specifically designed to prepare students for a career in long-term care. Students receive 156 hours of clinical/laboratory experience and 66 hours of bedside clinical training over an 9 week period (this is approximately 35 hours per week, Monday through Thursday). Once all training is completed the students are eligible to take the NYS Certified Nursing Assistant exam. You may be eligible to earn a $500 bonus once this certification is complete, if you join the Samaritan team and remain employed for 6 months.

Units of study required by NYSDOH include:

Infection Control
Personal Care
Nutrition and Diet Therapy
Human Sexuality
Lifting, Moving and Transporting
Elimination, Circulatory and Respiratory Care
Life Changes and Adaptations.

Interested in applying? If you have any questions about this process, please contact Human Resources at 315-785-4022 or use our Contact Us Form.

The Candidate Selection Process

The course is offered approximately four times a year, and basic requirements for the program are:
High School Diploma (or GED)
Satisfactory references
Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
Pre-Employment drug screening and criminal background investigations are conducted on all students.

Candidates are then scheduled to job shadow with a CNA preceptor for two hours to give them an opportunity to see the environment and to witness the work of a CNA. Each CNA Preceptor completes an evaluation form about the experience and forwards it to the training managers. Upon completion of a successful shadowing experience, interest in the program and understanding of the commitment is reconfirmed with the candidate.

To remain in the program, students must maintain a grade point average of 75 and cannot miss more than 16 hours during the course.

There is a tuition fee for this program, which includes all books and materials needed for the course. Financial Assistance may be available.

Please contact Samaritan's Human Resources Department to find out more about this program. Call 315-785-4022 or use our Contact Us Form.

The role of a Home Health Aid is to:

- Provide compassionate care to a diverse age group of residents
- Assist residents with activities of daily living, such as: bathing, dressing, transferring, bed mobility, ambulation, feeding, toileting, positioning;
- Distribute and assist with snacks and nourishment

Samaritan is looking for compassionate, caring and dedicated individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare as a Home Health Aide (HHA).

Samaritan Health is excited to announce a HHA training program.  This 3-week program will require a time commitment of approximately 38 hours per week. Classes will be held at Samaritan Summit Village in Watertown, NY. The selected students will be required to pass an interview process, drug screening, health assessment as well as a background check and reference screening. High School Diploma or GED is required and individuals must be at least 18 years of age. Classes will be held from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. This is an unpaid training course. At the successful completion of the program and State exam, students will be entered into the NYS Home Health Aide Registry and be eligible to apply to our HHA openings to work at our new Samaritan Summit Village-Assisted Living Facility.  As a Home Health Aide employee of Samaritan Summit Village, candidates must be able to work any shift and every other weekend. Samaritan Summit Village HHAs do NOT drive to clients homes; they work directly at the facility.

HHA classes are offered on a rotating basis. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Human Resources at 315-785-4022 or use our Contact Us Form. These classes are offered on a rotating basis. The next HHA class is not yet scheduled. Check back periodically for the next HHA Class. 


The Candidate Selection Process
Basic requirements for the program are:
- At least 18 years of age
- High School Diploma (or GED)
- Satisfactory references
- Satisfactory interview
- Pre-Employment drug screening and criminal background investigations are conducted on all students

 Samaritan Health is excited to announce that the next HHA training program will begin in June 2016.

There is a tuition fee for this program. Financial Assistance may be available.


Dear Prospective Student:

Thank you for your interest in Samaritan Medical Center's Postgraduate Osteopathic Medical Education training programs.

Our program offerings are designed to provide a transition to the clinical environment where your extensive medical knowledge base can be put into proper perspective in the provision of direct patient care. The faculty members have been chosen for their experience in clinical work, and their ability to translate their specialty areas of medical science into meaningful and effective treatment.

If you join us, you will work directly with attending faculty and residents in a one on one mentoring model of progressive education. Bedside instruction forms the core of the medical student experience augmented by daily educational lecture sessions and conferences. You will be expected to complete reading assignments and will participate in topical presentations to your peers and faculty.

The extensive resources of the Samaritan Medical Center and its staff are all available to you and will allow you to explore your interests and identify your strengths in the various medical arts. At this time in your medical career when you are reaching your greatest potential we welcome the opportunity to assist you in realizing your aspirations, and hope that we might help to shape your success in clinical medicine.

David P. Rechlin, D.O., FCCP, FACOI
Director of Medical Education


Benjamin D. Rudd, M.D.
Family Medicine
Interim Program Director


Dawn Bastien
Administrative Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jamie Wilcox
Clinical Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Wilcox Jamie revised


View our Current Resident profiles - where these Residents are from, their education, their interests and why they enjoy Samaritan Medical Center for their Residency Program.


Volunteer Services extend and enhance the healthcare delivery system at Samaritan. Volunteers help to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for our patients, their families and our visitors; Samaritan would not be the community-centered facility we are without volunteers. Plus, volunteering is good for your health! Not only are you giving back to your community and helping others, but you are improving yourself at the same time. Volunteering can: help you develop new friendships, gain confidence and learn new skills, make professional contacts, and give you a sense of purpose and well-being.

We currently have over 20 different areas at Samaritan where volunteers are used on a daily basis. Some examples at the hospital are the Information Desk, Patient Registration, the Emergency Department, Storeroom, and the Gift Shop. At the Samaritan Keep Home and Samaritan Summit Village, volunteers assist with weekly outings, activities like baking and crafts and simple things like reading to a resident, or writing to a loved one on the resident's behalf.

The Samaritan Auxiliary is another great way to get involved - with fundraising activities, joining the Board of Directors, or serving on a committee.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Samaritan Medical Center (Hospital):

Gift Shop: Weekdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, 1:00 to 4:00 pm and then from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

Clerical Offices: Any weekday, morning or afternoons.  Need help filing, computer entry, making packets and more.

Nursing floors: to assist with activities for our elderly patients. Monday through Friday from  8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Emergency Department: Volunteer should have a friendly positive attitude, be a self-starter with good communication skills and posses an ability to work in a fast paced environment. Afternoon and evening shifts available 7 days a week.

Please contact Samaritan Medical Center Volunteer Director at 315-785-4479.

Samaritan Summit Village:

Gift Shop: Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:00pm and Saturday-Sunday from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm

Samaritan Keep Home:

Social Day Care: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 am - 3 pm.

There are several ways to get involved at both the Samaritan Keep and Summit Village - transporting residents to activities or a physical therapy appointment on campus, one on one visits with residents, mail and newspaper delivery and helping with resident outings such as trips with the residents for shopping or trips to the mall.  There are many ways to get involved.  

If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities, please contact Samaritan Health Volunteer Director at 315-785-4479 or use our Contact Us form to email us.

Volunteer Requirements and Expectations

Samaritan offers two general categories of volunteer opportunities:

  • Patient/Resident care and contact
  • Clerical/Office duties

Volunteers would need to complete the following steps before starting:

  • Fill out an application
  • Complete a health screening including a Tuberculosis Test as well as possible blood work (cost covered by the hospital)
  • Complete a back ground check (covered by the hospital)
  • Be willing to commit at least 4 hours per week to volunteer
  • Attend a one hour orientation with the director of volunteer services

Those interested in volunteering at Samaritan should have the following:

  • Excellent customer service and communication skills and a friendly helpful demeanor.
  • Be able to work effectively and positively with staff, patients and visitors.
  • Corrected hearing and vision to the normal range.
  • Ability to walk some distances, push a wheelchair and do light lifting.
  • Be able to accept direction and responsibility.
  • Enjoy meeting and interacting with the public.

Contact Us:

If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities, please contact Samaritan Health Volunteer Director at 315-785-4479 or use our Contact Us form to email us.

Healing others is what you do best ... 
Helping you is what we do best ...

Contact us for more information:
Anne Marie Walldroff
Director, Physician Recruitment
315-785-4632 or 315-779-5184
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Samaritan Medical Center is recruiting for the following specialties:


Emergency Medicine


Family Medicine



Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine—Private Practice




Orthopaedic Surgery


Psychiatry – Child and Adolescent

Psychiatry - Adult




Excellent opportunity for Dermatologist. Employed position with a full patient volume at start-up.  Endless volume potential.   Competitive salary with great benefits. Dedicated hospital support. Educational loan repayment program, signing bonus and paid relocation. Teaching opportunities with AOA Accredited GME program.

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Emergency Medicine

Exclusive contract group—North Country Emergency Medical Consultants—seeking additional emergency medicine trained physicians. 50,000 visits per year. 36 hours of physician coverage and 20 hours of PA support per day. Completely new emergency department as part of hospital’s $62 million renovation and construction project. Sub-specialty back up is comprehensive and readily available including a hospitalist service. Comprehensive benefit package. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Hospital employed opportunity.  Currently three physicians, planning for retirement of a senior ENT surgeon. Excellent salary and great benefit package. Call 1:4. Educational loan repayment program, signing bonus and paid relocation. Office space ideally located in the Medical Office Building connected to the hospital. Teaching opportunities with AOA Accredited GME program.

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Family Medicine

Single specialty, employed by hospital, network of nine family practice physicians. Call 1:8. Inpatient and outpatient. PA and NP support. Hospitalist service provides “tuck-in” service for new admissions during hours of 7 PM and 7 AM. Prenatal care is optional. Base salary with WRVU compensation. Educational loan repayment program, signing bonus, and paid relocation. Teaching opportunities with AOA accredited family medicine residency program.

Interested? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A hospital employed opportunity for a BC/BE Gastroenterologist offering a perfect work-life balance. Samaritan Medical Center has over 180 physicians in 40 different specialties working together with the 2,000+ employees. This Digestive Care Practice has a catchment area of 250,000 with unlimited volume capacity. Full range of inpatient, outpatient and emergency gastroenterology services. Four fully equipped endoscopic suites - new scopes. Experienced and dedicated staff specializing in endoscopic procedures. Teaching opportunities in our AOA Accreddited GME program.

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Great opportunity for a BE/BC Internist to join our very successful Hospitalist Program. 7 days on 7 days off! Excellent benefits, including medical liability insurance and relocation assistance. Educational loan repayment program, signing bonus, and paid relocation. Teaching opportunities with AOA accredited family medicine residency program.

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Internal Medicine—Hospital Employed

Single specialty, employed by hospital, establishment of a new network of internal medicine physicians. Inpatient care as well as outpatient. Call rotation to be established. Hospitalist service provides “tuck-in” service for new admissions during hours of 7 PM and 7 AM. Base salary with WRVU compensation. Educational loan repayment program, signing bonus and paid relocation. Teaching opportunities with AOA accredited internal medicine residency program.

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Internal Medicine—Private Practice

Partnership track opportunity in a private practice setting. Inpatient and outpatient care. Call 1:4 weekday and 1:7 weekend. Full benefit package. Educational loan repayment options, signing bonus and paid relocation. Teaching opportunities with AOA accredited internal medicine residency program.

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Samaritan Medical Center, through affiliation with Neurosurgery of SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse NY, will expand services to provide a full complement of intracranial and spine care.   This is an outstanding opportunity to build a practice in a geographical area where there is demonstrated great need.  Employment is a partnership track offering professional support with a well-established nine physician practice.  Opportunity for involvement in residency teaching with academic appointment is available.  


Amazing opportunity for Obstetrics & Gynecologic Physician.  Currently 3 OB/GYN physicians and 1 Certified Nurse Midwife.  Employed by Samaritan Medical Center.  Call 1:4 to (1:5 with backup for Nurse Midwife.) Educational loan repayment program, signing bonus, and paid relocation. Teaching opportunities with AOA accredited family medicine residency program.

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Center For Sight, the leading provider of eye care services in beautiful Northern New York, has outstanding opportunities for a full or part-time Medical/General/Glaucoma Ophthalmologist.  Join an established successful practice offering comprehensive ophthalmic services, with one of the largest glaucoma practices in NNY. 

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Orthopaedic Surgery

North Country Orthopaedic Group, a well established group since 1959 serving a catchment population of 250,000 is comprised of 7 surgeons and 2 Physiatrists and based in Watertown, NY. Partnership track is offered with ancillary opportunities to include Ambulatory Surgery Center, MRI, Digital X-Ray and Physical Therapy. Effective collaborative relationship with 290-bed community based hospital, Samaritan Medical Center. 1:6 call with hospital payment. Modern and spacious office within 10 commute hospital.


Excellent opportunity for a Clinical and Anatomic Pathologist. This is and employment opportunity with Samaritan Medical Center. The Laboratory Department is a full service laboratory dedicated to serving the dynamic needs of healthcare providers through a committed staff and client focused organization. The SMC laboratory is staffed by nearly 60 employees, including medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, laboratory assistants, histotechnicians,m cytotechnologists and support staff. The laboratory is accredited by the New York State Department of Health, The Joint Commission and the American Association of Blood Banks.

Psychiatry – Child and Adolescent

Hospital employed. 1:7 call for adult service. Full benefit package. Educational loan repayment program, signing bonus and paid relocation. Teaching opportunities with AOA Accredited GME program.

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Psychiatry - Adult

Seeking a BC/BE Psychiatrist for hospital based employment to join our excellent dedicated staff. Physician will provide adult psychiatric care in our 32-bed inpatient mental health unit. Physician will also serve as consultation liaison and participate in rotational emergency call. Call rotation is 1:4. Top salary, signing bonus, WRVU incentive, excellent benefits, teaching opportunities, malpractice coverage, relocation assistance, immigration assistance, etc.

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Seeking a B/C or B/E Rheumatologist to join the team at Samaritan Medical Center of over 180 physicians and 40 specialties working together with 2,000+ employees. This is an exciting opportunity to become the lead Rheumatologist in our catchment area of 250,000 with unlimited volume capacity. This is primarily an outpatient practice with an occasional inpatient consult.


A great opportunity to provide urological medical and surgical care with dedicated hospital support for a successful and rewarding urological career. Employee of Samaritan Medical Center.  Focus of practice on general urology to include endo-urology and newly developed Robotics program in 2012. New office building, located in a newly developed medical complex within minutes from the hospital. New $62 million hospital wing opened November 2010 which includes 8 new operating suites, 10-bed ICU, 20-bed progressive care unit, med/surg patient unit and parking garage.

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Help us shape Northern New York Healthcare!

Incredible results start with incredible people. A great career and quality of life at the same time - that is Samaritan Medical Center, Samaritan Keep Home Samaritan Summit Village and our affiliates.

At Samaritan, everyone's job is critical to the successful care of our patients. Be a part of an organization whose employees and medical staff choose to work here because they are dedicated to delivering excellence, are enthusiastic, truly care about making a difference ... and are surrounded by colleagues who feel the same way.

Be a part of an organization whose on-going strategic planning provides us with goals that drive our organization forward and set the tone for future growth and development. Samaritan is a fiscally sound and stable organization. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our medical staff and employees, as well as careful management, our bottom line is strong ... which allows us to provide stable jobs, and offer ever-improving quality of care.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Northern New York, minutes from Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Safe community, low cost of living and minimal commute time. Exceptional, dedicated people, rewarding career opportunities (full, part-time and casual), excellent compensation and benefit program and the ability to shape healthcare in our community are some of the reasons to join Samaritan.