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Samaritan Standards of Performance

Thank you for considering employment at Samaritan Medical Center and Samaritan Keep Home.  We want our customers – our patients, residents, and families – to have the very best experience possible at our facilities, so we look for very special people to join our team.  In fact, we feel so strongly about this,members of our staff, from 20 different departments have developed these "Standards of Performance" that we require our staff to exhibit in their work life every day. Practicing Samaritan’s Standards of Performance is an essential requirement of every Samaritan employee.  Please read our standards below. 


In order to succeed as a team in meeting the healthcare needs of those we serve, Samaritan is committed to:  Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Respect and Trust (our HEART Values).  Creating a culture that values quality care and service excellence in a collaborative work environment is accomplished in part by establishing standards of performance for all employees.  These standards uphold the HEART Values and describe the behaviors necessary to provide safe and compassionate health care in a supportive environment for the community we serve.

    • I commit to being accountable for all my actions.
    • I will know and understand the responsibilities of my job. I will take charge of and accept these job responsibilities.
    • I will pay attention to detail and strive to do a job right the first time.
    • I will attend and participate in all required facility meetings and/or follow up regarding information presented/discussed at the meeting.
    • I will be accountable for all information given at meetings.
    • I will complete all mandatory tasks as required for my position.
    • I will speak positively about the organization and always remember that I am the organization.
    • I will adhere to all HIPAA confidentiality policies.
    • I will not discuss Patient/Resident related information in hallways, elevators, or any other area outside of customer care areas.
    • I will know the policies and procedures of my department and my facility and understand my individual role relative to those policies and procedures.
    • I commit to keeping a safe environment for our institution.
    • If I see a safety, maintenance or housekeeping hazard I will correct it if possible; report it if not.
    • I will show respect for equipment and return equipment to its proper place.
    • I will maintain a clean and safe work area.
    • I commit to being mindful of my appearance and the appearance of the institution.
    • I will always dress in a professional, tidy and discreet manner as per policy.
    • I will always practice good personal hygiene.
    • I will wear my I D Badge where it can be easily seen per policy.
    • I will pick up litter throughout the organization when I come across it.
    • I commit to effective communication to contribute to a positive environment.
    • I will always use respectful language, a professional tone of voice and positive body language in all interactions.
    • I will always use proper email etiquette.
    • I will never shout, use harsh language or profanity.
    • I will know how to operate the telephones in my area.
    • When transferring a call, first I will provide the caller the correct number in case the call is lost.  Calls should be answered in three rings.
    • When answering calls I will speak clearly, identify myself and ask, “How my I help you?” or the equivalent.  I will get the callers permission before putting them on hold and thank them when I return to the line.  I will periodically acknowledge callers who are on hold, give them the status of their calls and ask them if they wish to continue to hold.
    • I will place my phones on voice mail only when necessary and recorded messages will be kept short and to the point.  If I work in a Patient or Resident care area, I will not use automated messaging.
    • I will return calls promptly and thank callers for returning my calls promptly.  When appropriate, I will finish each conversation with “Thank you for choosing Samaritan.”
    • I will only use my personal cell-phone (including texting) when I am on a break or a lunch period.
    • I will not use any cell phone during meetings.
    • I commit to understanding and exceeding customer expectations.
    • I will acknowledge people who appear at my (Point of Service) Nurse Station, desk, etc. immediately by making eye contact, then verbally addressing them with “How may I help you?”
    • I will promptly welcome our customers in a friendly manner, smile warmly, and introduce myself.  I will use “please” and “thank you” whenever appropriate.  I will not allow anyone to feel ignored.
    • I will ask how a Patient or Resident wishes to be addressed and I will not use words like “honey”, “sweetie”, “nicknames”, etc.
    • I will listen carefully to what our customers have to say and avoid interrupting them.
    • I understand that customers’ families are as important as the customer.  I will update families as defined by the departmental guidelines when a customer is undergoing a procedure.

    • I will always thank customers for waiting and apologize for delays.
    • I will not make references to Patients or Residents as room numbers, diagnosis, etc.
    • I will use easily understood and appropriate language when giving information to our internal and external customers.
    • When I am in customer care areas I will keep my voice low to respect customers’ confidentiality and use an appropriate tone of voice.
    • I will respect customers’ dignity at all times.  I will knock and allow necessary time for a response before entering a customers’ room.  I will close the curtain/door when examining or performing a procedure.
Before I leave a customer I will ask, “Is there anything else I may do for YOU?”
    • I understand that our customers’ expect to be treated with courtesy and I will always treat them with that in mind.
    • I recognize that our customers have a sense of urgency and I will show them that we value their time.  I understand that customers are not an interruption of our work; they are our reason for being here.
    • I will apologize for problems and inconveniencies and I will work to resolve any issues within my ability.
    • I will work to provide a comfortable atmosphere for waiting customers and/or customers’ families and friends.
    • If I am unable to answer a question or help a customer, I will find someone who can assist them.
    • I will give the elevator to Patients, Residents and other customers first.  I will let everyone off an elevator before I enter.
    • When I am in the hallway or elevator I will make eye contact, acknowledge and greet everyone as appropriate.
    • When I am in the hallway or on the facility grounds, I will offer assistance to all who appear lost by escorting them to their destination.
    • I will treat everyone as if they are the most important person I will meet today.
    • I commit to my Co-Workers to promote a Patient/Resident Centered - Service Oriented facility.
    • I will arrive to work on time with a positive attitude, provide appropriate notice when I am going to be late and I will not be excessively or chronically tardy as defined by the attendance policy.  I will be on time, ready to work and remain available to work until my scheduled shift is completed.  (Per Policy)
    • I will help create a culture that taps the full potential of employees and builds an environment that allows all people to feel appreciated, included and valued.  I will be tolerant of fellow employees and respect other’s expertise.  I will treat others as professionals deserving of courtesy, honesty, empathy, and respect.
    • I will welcome new employees / mentor them / offer support and help them be successful.
    • As a new employee I understand that my Manager or designee will attend the general orientation luncheon with me.
    • I recognize the value of a diverse workforce and remain open to different ideas and viewpoints.
    • I will continually recognize my colleagues for going above and beyond and for continual working days without a call in.
    • I will appreciate other’s time and try to avoid last minute requests.
    • I will look beyond my assigned tasks to promote teamwork and assist coworkers until I leave the work site.  I understand that “It’s not my job” is not an acceptable answer, response, or excuse.
    • I will be courteous and discrete when giving and receiving constructive criticism.  I will never chastise or embarrass someone in front of others or behind their back.
    • I will have the courage to address inappropriate behavior among my team members.
    • I give my team members permission to hold me accountable for my actions and to address any inappropriate behavior I display. I give my team members permission to “have my back” and help me correct behavior that does not promote a Patient/Resident Centered - Service Oriented facility.

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