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Samaritan Standards of Performance

Thank you for considering employment at Samaritan Medical Center and Samaritan Keep Home.  We want our customers – our patients, residents, and families – to have the very best experience possible at our facilities, so we look for very special people to join our team.  In fact, we feel so strongly about this,members of our staff, from 20 different departments have developed these "Standards of Performance" that we require our staff to exhibit in their work life every day. Practicing Samaritan’s Standards of Performance is an essential requirement of every Samaritan employee.  Please read our standards below. 


In order to succeed as a team in meeting the healthcare needs of those we serve, Samaritan is committed to:  Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Respect and Trust (our HEART Values).  Creating a culture that values quality care and service excellence in a collaborative work environment is accomplished in part by establishing standards of performance for all employees.  These standards uphold the HEART Values and describe the behaviors necessary to provide safe and compassionate health care in a supportive environment for the community we serve.

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